It is time to impeach the Democrat President


The Democrat President has destroyed the economy and eliminated jobs for the Poor, The Black and the Hispanic worker.

At the same time, he is proposing to bring in 11 million more Illegal Immigrant workers to drive down Wages. Since the election of this President, the average wage in the United States has decreased and is on target to continue to decrease with added illegal immigrants.

He will also let you pay for the medical care, schooling, welfare, and other government benefits for the illegal immigrant who has broken into the United States. In many countries they would be sent to prison for that crime.

The Democrat President will reward the illegal with your job and let you pay for his needs. It is time to Impeach the Democrat President.

Write your senator and representative today and tell them you have had enough. You want him impeached now.


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  • Many of you need to be ashamed of your actions. Anyone who has smarts knew Obama would be elected because he has had behind him Billions of Dollars and Puppeteers who know how stupid he is They needed a puppet as dumb as Obama, so they bought him a education as a coverup. For over three Years a True Christian who worked with a fellow named Ronald Reagen has worked to impeach Obama. Please go to and sign up and help. He has over a million signatures and loads of evidence. Get off your butts and help a man get the job done.

  • He is a usurper protected by Congress as a whole. He can't be impeached but he can be removed. Since no one who is mandated by the U.S. Constitution to remove the usurper will swing into action it will take a vigilante committee to do the job.

    This has already been considered by Obama and is why he has asked military commanders if they will fire on Americans.

    He expects a coup to overthrow him and the treasonist Congress.

    If it is to be successful the Creator must accompany those who approach Obama to remove him from office, otherwise his removal will certainly fail; therefore, the Creator's timing must be obeyed in this venture to save America.

    If that is done America will be saved.

  • June,

    THAT is terrifying!

    he fails e-verify and she gets charged $13,000?

    We need ACTION!

  • We cannot impeach what "isn't"; the muslim, currently occupying the oval office, is doing so "illegally", therefore US military arrest is a MUST!  This has been proven many times over, by various people that include Sheriff Joe Arpaia and his Cold Case Posse; Susan Daniels, a PI from Ohio and others and, now, Mrs. Linda Jordan, of Washington State.  As one of "his employers", she took it upon herself (rightfully) to run obama-soetoro through E-Verify.  And guess what?   The government's OWN E-Verify website says "he is NOT eligible" to work in these United States.  Mrs. Jordan submitted her findings (all in black and white) to WA State Supreme Court; all 5 "justices" DISMISSED the law suit as "frivolous" and FINED her $13,000 (thirteen thousand) dollars!!!  Here is an ordinary housewife and mother, who took the information put out by the Cold Case Posse, a certified PI and others, submitted it to the courts and is "punished" for trying to protect her country!  Of course, WA States new governor is a democrat and will do nothing, but I SAY there are 5 "justices" who need to be impeached, arrested and prosecuted for TREASON!  This article was released, in a video just today, by P P Simmons; you may still be able to find it on youtube, or the WND website.  Ordinary citizen, Mrs. Linda Jordan was willing to "stick her neck way out", because she fears for the safety and security of our nation- - we are being SABOTAGED FROM WITHIN by an illegal alien, muslim spy!

  • Thanks Ralph & IBM: Under normal circumstances I would agree with impeachment. Were, We The People are way past the norm of the US. What good has writing or signing petitions, letters, faxs to any politician I see nothing. Impeachment you are not so funny, our Country is being destroyed now by all of DC. Not one politician is upholding their oath to our We The Peoples Constitution. muslum o has committed TREASON & TYRANNY muslum o is a TRAITOR to AMERICA muslum o is a domestic TERRORIST-not impeachment but tried for TREASON convicted sent to LEVENWORTH w/ a rope waiting. With a corrupt DC all 3 branchs Corrupt DOJ, FBI, CIA, State Dept, Secret Service, DHS, they can all go to hell w/ 1776 here then we can replace all of them. We have enough loyal, honest well educated, experienced Americans to do this. No impeachment wont work w/ this corrupt govt in DC but a trial for TREASON will, muslum o must go now

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