It is the message, not the messenger . . .

A question I keep asking: since Israel is a parliamentary democracy why in American politics are Jews so overwhelmingly left/liberal/progressive/socialist/communist/Democrats?  Even understanding that the roots of Communism are in Jewish social activism and 80% of the Communist Central Planners who took over Russia in 1917 were Jewish, they were eventually killed by their successors.  I have even heard Jews label Nazis right-wing, not recognizing that Nazis were National Socialists, far, far, left.  I have sought the answer to this question and read the answer given by a politically conservative Jew, Dennis Prager.

I see black conservatives confronting black liberals.  I see whites conservatives confronting white liberals.  I see people ignoring the messages of others because they are not like them.  But I don't see conservative Jews confronting liberal Jews and their immoral socialist positions.  I have watched the question being answered by one of my favorites,  Milton Friedman: “Capitalism, Socialism, and the Jews”

Mr. Friedman explains that the Jews have been able to survive and thrive in all countries where there is capitalism and in industries where government has the least control.  He talks about the Likud party coming to power in Israel and their support of the free enterprise system.  But he doesn’t confront Jewish socialists and ask for Jewish support for this most successful way of governance here in the U. S.  I would like to see that debate.

We have lost the integrity of our culture, and neglected to ask people from other countries to learn how to fit into this system.   Because we have become Balkanized,  we have also lost the ability to listen to people from outside our demographic talk about our principles.  These principles are not tied to ethnicity, culture, race, creed, or owned by any special interest, but God given, not government granted. So I am asking everyone from whatever conservative perspective you represent, whether it is ethnic, cultural, or religious, to address those who will listen to you.   

This Christian nation and its founding principles is the best hope for Jews.  While America is strong this is true for Muslims, blacks, women, Celts as well;  freedom and safety even in other lands.

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  • Xavier, for more information about what actually brought us far along the road to the disintegration of the Christian culture in America, please take a little time to read about the Frankfurt School. It will give you more info. Also Historians comment from the standpoint of being a consevtive Jew is helpful.
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