"We the People', are outraged and should be, by the current efforts of
the Obama administration to subvert the "Constitution", and enact amnesty
for illegal aliens through the back door without consulting Congress or the
American people! They must be held accountable for their lawlessness and
their radical agenda must be exposed. We all must join together collectively
with every organization and individual effort to prevent this 'travesty of justice'
and total disregard for the constraints of the "Constitution"that has been
enacted and established as an instrument of law which is in place. It is
obvious that President Obama has allowed this shameless amnesty scheme
to be implemented. Let us make it our objective to investigate every move to
subjugate every law and all pending lawsuits of this affront to our FREEDOMS!Illegal%20Amnesty%7E.tifIllegal%20Amnesty%7E%20001.tif

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