Issues vs organizing

I think we have a huge problem that we're not addressing:


I can make this really short: We're so caught up in all the issues that we're going to lose the votes needed to win much or the important one's.  I just sense we desperately need to tie our issues in with growing our numbers and it's this latter part that I sense weakness the most.

We desperately need people(s) in every precinct. These people need to be getting to know the voters.  They need to be passing out solid issues (that I hope we could gather from those informed in the Tea Party Command Center) with our name on it and where and when we meet locally.  We can't wait for election time, if we wait, it's to late.  It needs to happen now.  This is the first phase.


The second phase is that once we again raise our numbers, the combined precincts of your local Tea Party could actually combine together and fund space in your local newspaper(s).  This space could reflect to this site where the news not reported could be found or referred to other truth reporting sites.

But the first phase is vital important.  We concentrate to much on scandal after scandal and no one listens who are outside.  I sense our numbers are down from a few years back and we can get those and more people back.  We're talking over talking about scandals and forgetting to organize, walk the precincts, recruit, recruit, recruit and report.

I get emails wanting money for this 'issue' and that 'issue' but we're not taking the issues to grow.  People are frustrated and they're waiting for us to tap them personally.  I wish we were organized down to each and ever precinct and growing each and ever precinct, understand?


Phase I: organized down to the precinct, recruit, inform, recruit and inform and grow.

Phase II: Then fund space in your local newspaper (once every two weeks, whatever works money wise).

Needed: Solid issues wrote up from this organization to use in contacting houses now, w/ newspapers later.  Almost everyone reads their newspaper but they won't daily come here, understand?


Thanks for considering, I need help to move this

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  • Joan: I agree w/ much of what you said but want to clarify: I was only referring to the Tea Party focus of organizing.  We can't do this via an email, people are slammed w/ emails.  Needs to be done personally, door to door w/ solid issues on paper and an invite to the local T-Party next meeting.  In another post I suggested a T-party primary in advance to the RINO primary to get our person out there now and so we don't split the vote in the RINO primary.  Not one single person commented on it.  Hillary is campaigning/organizing now.  Our RINO primary is way down the road and we'll split the vote if we have two or more in it.  I feel this is urgent but again, no one commented.

  • Thanks Daniel.  The issues are compelling and it is very easy to become outraged at the govt, but I see a lack of organized thought, direction, and action too.

    I suspect this is part of the larger problem with the breakdown in our two-party system. GOP fell apart and continues to cave into whatever is currently PC.  In the meantime independents like Layman, Tea Partiers, Americans for Prosperity, Americans for Liberty, other grassroots organizations and big business are taking action on their own.  This is our failure to organize.

    Personally, I don't care what the party is called...but we need firm representation that stands for We the People and a large wave moving in the same direction.  Otherwise we will lose valuable momentum and resources.

    Another thing to consider is 'walking the precincts'.  We live in a digital age and many of the net commandos are 'walking the precincts' online.

    This article and corresponding links are a testament of how the GOP no longer stands for liberty and almost failed on a huge issue no one is talking about, because we're so focused on one scandal after other.




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