Israel’s future in the World of Obama

The Iran nuclear deal as passed last week is a dangerous agreement for the United States and Israel both. Almost as disturbing is the fact that Obama has demonized opponents of this giveaway to the Devil, suggesting the only choice was between the deal and all-out war. At a speech at the VFW Obama made it clear that those who opposed him were warmongers, opposed not to the deal but to peace itself.

This is not the first time our President has characterized opposition to his policies in extreme terms. Obama abandons all principles and then blames his detractors in case of failure. It isn’t possible that the hyper-arrogant Obama should listen to others, or admit that he was wrong.

In the run-up to the negotiations, Americans were told that Iran would not be permitted to enrich uranium. Of course that stipulation was soon forgotten. We were told “anytime, anywhere” inspections would be a foundation of the talks. This promise too was immediately done away with for the sake of Barack’s legacy. Even Democrats loyal to the Obama doctrine are balking at the lies told to the American people. Unlike ObamaCare, this deal could mean life and death, perhaps for the United States and definitely for Israel.

The sanctions forced on Obama by Congress were discarded when Obama allowed Iran to continue enriching Uranium in 2013, contrary to statements in the presidential debates with Mitt Romney in 2012. Any leverage we would have had over the Iranians was pushed aside for the sake of the Obama legacy.

Allowing Iran to continue enriching uranium, something Obama claimed he would never allow, has only pushed the problem down the road. It is a farce to believe Iran will abide by any of the terms of this agreement. Iran will develop a bomb and, thanks to this agreement, within the next two years. There are no safeguards, such as those depended upon by the IAEA for inspections and testing. Iran must be provided 24 days of notice prior to any inspections and military nuclear sites are off limits, not a valid inspection protocol.

It is disappointing that rather than negotiating from a position of strength, Obama has given the Iranians everything they could possibly want. The appeasement of the mullahs and Obama’s concerns for his legacy will only serve to spread the nuclear problem throughout the Middle East as other countries in the area ramp up programs of their own. Even so, Obama will not accept any discussion or opposition to a policy that cannot work and will only make matters worse.

Democrats have turned on Israel at Obama’s urging. The numbers from a Luntz survey are disconcerting at best. Only 48% of Democrats think Israel wants peace, 18 percent of Democrats were likely to vote for a politician that stood with Israel and just 51% of Democrats support Israel over Palestine. It is Democrats who are pushing the BDS policy on college campuses and who, in 2012, tried to remove support of Israel from the party platform. That Democrats are not an ally of Israel should come as no surprise as they have turned against American allies worldwide.

It is a matter of routine that this administration should claim Israeli opposition to Obama’s policies are a matter of skin color rather than concern for the survival of a sovereign nation. Democrats have turned the well-being of Israel into a partisan issue. It’s all they know how to do, to the detriment of both countries. Obama and the international community will continue to force Israel into the adoption of provisions that must threaten her survival.

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  • I want to be present at one of obama's anti-white rants. I will challenge him as what he is and as a criminal usurper utilizing terrorism to herd white sheep. I will throw my shoe at him and demand satisfaction.

  • I want to be present at one of obama's anti-white rants. I will challenge him as what he is and as a criminal usurper utilizing terrorism to herd white sheep. I will throw my she at him and demand satisfaction.

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