The prized ILLEGAL ALIEN magnet is the $402 billion “illegal alien cost” that pro amnesty advocates fraudulently used to claim $35 billion economic gains because of $437 criminal illegal alien wage “savings”!    $402 billion divided by 11 million says average illegal aliens receive $36,545 government and other subsidies on top of their non tax illegal cash wage of $12,365 ($6/hr)!   Citizens are taxed to boost illegal alien take home pay to $49025!   That’s $11,929 more than citizens take home for a same “average” 40/hr job!  


The sick part of this is the BLS average citizen’s $42,537 wage is for 34.4 hours (short hours), which is $49,462 at 40 hours; and that provides $37,096 take home pay AFTER 25% tax!   Not only does the citizen take home $11,929 less that the criminal alien, government officials tax all working citizens to punish citizens and reward criminal aliens!


That leads to the executive-legislative majority, quid-pro-quo, and their progressive fundamental change of government by corruption instead of Constitutional Amendment.   They couldn’t restrain bragging about the success of tipping the scales of election justice with money taxed from loyal citizens.    Rubio thinks it’s a profitable race issue – it isn’t – it’s about $36,545.   This doesn’t begin to cover the abomination or cost to citizens behind “amnesty”.


Follow the money and you’ll find $1.3 trillion @ 11 million to $2.4 trillion @20 million of imbedded yearly costs plundered TODAY relative to 11 to 30 million illegal aliens and 12 to 25 million jobless citizens.   Anger is a rational earned response to sedition and treason, when controlled and applied within the letter of Constitution and law.     Let no honor dignify dishonor!

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