Is This Really What America Wants?

4063586804?profile=originalOn Wednesday U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton finally admitted al Qaeda in North Africa was behind the terrorist attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, where the American ambassador and three others were murdered.

Clinton’s statements further muddied the administration’s fumbled explanations about exactly what happened on Sept. 11.  For purely partisan political reasons, Barack Obama’s administration has denied terrorist involvement in the Benghazi attack.

To ever admit that the United States is still involved in fighting a war against al Qaeda flies in the face of Obama’s re-election campaign strategy of showcasing the killing Osama bin Laden and the debilitation of Al Qaeda.

Remember Vice President Joe Biden shouting from the Democratic National Convention stage: “Osama bin Laden is dead and GM is alive”?

To hear “progressive” politicians and their obedient sock puppets in the “progressive” Party Pravda tell it, to 4063586830?profile=originalput two and two together and reason that al Qaeda had access to technology which allowed them to watch the DNC convention, hear what was said and plot a 9/11 revenge is angry, bigoted, conspiratorial racist hate speech from violent right wing extremists who cannot stand having a black man in the Oval Office.

It could not possibly have anything to do with the fact that his domestic and foreign policies can be defined as “man caused disasters”.

While taking care of extremely important, top priority re-election business on a daytime television talk show, Obama cautioned the ladies that describing the incident was impossible due to an ongoing FBI investigation.  However, more than two weeks after the fact, FBI agents are still not in Benghazi, much less at the crime scene conducting an investigation.

The more America learns about the 9/11 terrorist attack on the Benghazi consulate, the more it looks like a complete security failure and a calculated government cover-up.

This foreign policy sleight of hand deceit matches the consistent pattern of “evolving” economic news at home.

The latest economic reports reveal that second quarter GDP growth was revised down from 1.7 percent to 1.25 percent.  New orders for U.S. manufactured durable goods fell in August by the most in 3-1/2 years, the biggest drop since January 2009.  This clearly indicates a sharp slowdown in factory activity.

Fear that Washington will fail to reach an agreement and avoid the "fiscal cliff" has reduced businesses incentive to boost production.

4063586859?profile=originalFrom Benghazi to an Ohio manufacturing facility, the strategy and tactics are always the same.  Make the news sound better that it is then enlist your multiple press secretaries within the “mainstream media” to put that “ news” on the front page of the paper, make it a magazine cover story, or put it on as breaking news television.

When far fewer people are paying attention, have those same media minions disclose the truth in a far less prominent place and in a far less spectacular manner.

Welcome to Obama’s America.  Is this really what America wants?

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  • Judy, Given the facts that are spewing from Dearborn, MI. I would actually Pry for not only Israel but all Christians Coptic or not Evangelicals and most of all the United States Of American! Let the Crusade finally begin on these radicals that have infiltrated our soil through Civilization Jihad unfortunately they give us no alternative than to cleanse our soil of barbarians.

  •        I keep telling you , it is not for nothing that the democrat party has evolved into the " DEMONRAT " party .  Whether it is progressive ( read communist )  ,  New World Order ,  the Nation of Islam ,  or just plain hate , they will go to any length of extremes to destroy America as a constitutional republic .  Nothing but the elimination of our constitution will ever satisfy them because it is based on CHRISTIAN principles and values with GOD as the final arbitar .  As long as GOD stands in their way they can NEVER control us to the extent they DEMAND .  PRAY , but remember , GOD helps those who will help themselves and all other Christians FIRST .

  • All I can say is we as a nation should pray for this country and Israel.  We are being taken over by radical islamists and this traitorous, cowardly administration and their lies.  The liberals are like sheep following this sheep in wolfs clothing to their doom.  PRAY PRAY PRAY FOR OUR COUNTRY

  • "Let me be clear---the United States is not and never will be at war with Islam" barack obama

    "If the political winds should ever shift--I will stand with the Muslims" Dreams From My Father

    Cover Up?  - Guilty

    Treason?  - Guilty (on many counts)

  • The administration is doing everything it can to cover it up.... And the Obama media is helping out.. How long before we rise up and take this country back.  We need to drive them out and whole damned bunch of them....

  • Oh my God, Hillary has a Muslim in her family.  Why does that not shock me.  But, hiding my Christianity will never happen.  I have more fear of God denying me entry to Heaven than any Liberal or Muslin could ever do to me.  The pain for a moment is nothing next to being separated from God for Eternity.

  • david, Stupid Is what Stupid Does! Didn't you know that? As far Dearborn Michigan is concerned they better be glad I don't live there. The Crusade would definitely begin!

  • Ever since I saw that spiritless, empty shell of a woman stand with Pres.Bill Clinton during his stay in office which should have been cut short you remember her don't you? Yep! Francis Fox Piven of the Cloward and Piven manifesto book of Radicalism. It won't be long and a lot these culprits will be pushing up daisies somewhere and I hope not here!

  • Idon't understand why a movement hasn't been started to impeach this Pres. for his end around Exec. orders violating the constitution and just about eliminating the power of the Congress. He is slowly but surely increasing the power of the Exec.branch while slowly decreasing the power of the Legislative branch. He has no use for the Rule of Law and he could care less about about We The People,  and the fact that HE works for us.   

  • We cannot allow obama to do this to us and our precious, America. We must do all in our power to get him out of office.

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