Is this a stupid question?

I posted the following question as a comment to someone’s post on facebook. Unfortunately facebook deleted it immediately and froze my computer. I had to manually shut it down and restart it. This is not the first time facebook has exhibited questionable behavior and I wonder why? My question was- Does any university provide contraceptive or even health care coverage to their students? Does anyone have an answer to this question. Did they delete it because it’s a stupid question? I can’t get an answer from anyone on facebook.

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  • I think there might be a small fee?  On a sliding income scale perhaps. Meds are not provided beyond emergency care and there is no pharmacy.

  • That was not a stupid question. Yes, I know some do. Auburn University in Alabama has a student health center for emergencies, routine problems and such. It is part of the package for which tuition is paid. It's a state supported institution, so the state has some money in it as well.  They give flu shots and regular routine care.  What I am not sure about is the question of providing student health insurance, I have not heard of that until recently. Maybe I'm out of the loop on that one.

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