by, Schuyler Montague

As many of us Americans watch the events unfold in Egypt, it is hard not to compare their situation to that of our’s.  Mohamed Morsi was allegedly fairly elected by the citizens of Egypt and he ran on the platform of being a “uniter.”  Sound familiar?  He pledged to the Egyptian people to govern from the center and represent all of the various groups and factions, to include the Coptic Christian minority.  As a member of the Muslim Brotherhood prior to the 2012 elections in Egypt, it should have been clear to the people where his loyalties would be placed.  If it was not obvious to the Egyptian citizens from the beginning, it certainly did not take them long to see the effects of the misplaced trust.  Morsi stated that he would protect the Coptic Christians and their freedom to worship as they chose, although in reality, this was not the case.  He actually formed hard line Islamic Muslim Brotherhood Militias to attack the Christian minorities and there were many instances of deaths, tortures and disappearances.  Not to mention the damage to Churches and private property owned by the Coptics.  Morsi went hard left and led a fascist regime that was controlled by the few and for the fewer.  On his watch, the economy went south while unemployment skyrocketed and all he cared about was maintaining his grasp on power.  Well, the people decided things had gone too far for too long and the cry for freedom went out.

This cry for freedom did not go unheard.  About a week ago, millions of Egyptians decided to gather in protest in Tahrir Square and let their feelings be known.  It did not take long before one General within the Egyptian Army made the decision and subsequent announcement that “We, the military stand with the people..”  Not only did he issue a statement that clearly expressed the sentiment that the military would defend the people from attack, but he gave President Morsi a 48 hour ultimatum to step down from office or he would be taken down.  True to their word, as Morsi refused to relinquish his position, the military came forward and surrounded the Presidential quarters and declared “Morsi is out and we are in control.”  And, just like that.. the people were handed their nation back from the hands of a dictator.  What began as a movement of dissension within the citizens, was picked up by one General in the military and from that, freedom was reborn.  How ironic that Egypt may now find the Fourth of July as their day of Independence as well.

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  • With Obama bringing 15,000 Russian troops to our country and with the expectation of 70,000 Syrians coming, we may need the support of military generals more than ever before to save our country and our way of life.

  • Congratulations to Egypt, now maybe they can finally be free.  Sharia Law fails everywhere it is implemented, just as socialism and communism do in my opinion.  They are the law, without the love of God. The love is what tempers the law and makes life worth living.

  • Hey JC, not exactly. For the most part it appears that the Generals are in it for the pieces of silver. They following orders for fear of losing their careers. They are products of the 'me' generation.

  • James Madison, Speech, Constitutional Convention (06-29-1787)

    James Madison, Federalist PapersIn time of actual war, great discretionary powers are constantly given to the Executive Magistrate. Constant apprehension of War, has the same tendency to render the head too large for the body.

    A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty.

    The means of defence agst. foreign danger, have been always the instruments of tyranny at home. Among the Romans it was a standing maxim to excite a war, whenever a revolt was apprehended. Throughout all Europe, the armies kept up under the pretext of defending, have enslaved the people.


    Feel Free to copy and paste the above graphic to your computer.  Save it to your "Picture" file and email it to all your friends.  It is a jpg image.…


    IF THAT'S TRUE -------------------WE'RE THROUGH!

  • You all are still 'too comfortable'.  Look at the Egyptian people.  17 million of a country of 85 million came out to remove Morsi.  America has over 350 million people.  How many of You have been out on a street.......................even Once!

    You're All talk!

  • Was I reading about Morsi's governing or Obumos.
  • Excellent article Schuyler and I must say while this was going on in Egypt I thought that the millions that showed up there just did it and showed up! We in America need to do the same!!


  • Obama's new plaque for a new Statue of Liberation on Ellis Island, NY. (Just for fun)

    Give me your undesirables, your unskilled poor,

    Your masses demanding government handouts tax free,

    The active terrorists from your battered shore.

    Send these, the Socialistic, American-haters to me,

    I lift my Enlightened Way above the open door.

  • I have seen good men, Military leaders take stands, and I have watched them be removed from their rightful positions.  They may have been removed by Obama, but they aren't dead, and somewhere out there the military,  who are having their medical care cut, their retirements cut, their meals cut in places of active duty in foreign lands, and their weapons removed leaving them helpless in foreign lands, experiencing first hand the results of Obama arming our own enemies, and even being made vulnerable to attack by Obama's secret military leaks that he has done on purpose.  Do you really think no one will do anything???  I don't...I believe even now there are and have been military leaders who have seen this coming even before we did and have made individual decisions no matter what the cost, to stand with the American Patriots  and our Constitution.  I think they are waiting for more and more truth to be revealed about the traitors in our government, beginning with Obama and seeping down through both party lines in each state.  A wise person once said.. Know your enemies.  They have been waiting for more and more exposure of just exactly where our elected officials stand from the lowest to the highest levels. Including judges who refuse to obey the Constitution in their decisions.  The treasonous ones are being clearly identified because they are so over confident that American's are weak, blind, lazy, fools that they don't even try to hide their policies or agendas anymore.  I think our loyal U.S. military  are preparing, and I believe that Obama will be stopped along with all those who have tried to destroy America.  The problem is, it will come with a cost and will probably not be as easy as what has happened in Egypt.  I believe there are more for us than those who would stand against us.  Because most who stand against us are cowards who lead by deceptive words and political rhetoric, but have no real courage, much like Hitler did.  It will not be voting that gets our nation back to truth and freedom, it will be sweat and blood, and a major stand of our military men and women of all ranks and all branches uniting to prevent the total takeover of this nation by this illegal alien whose real name isn't even Barak Obama.  That is why amnesty is so important to him.  He does not give a damn about illegal aliens needs, but in that bill are words that make it impossible to legally hold using false documents against illegal aliens.  Obama is pushing it to make himself  actually have the legal right to the presidency.  Senator Marco Rubio would like to be president someday and according to the Constitution also does not qualify due to his parents not being U.S. citizens when he was born here. So he too pushes for amnesty. It will take the military to stop Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood who have infiltrated so many high positions, but it will be done, they will be charged with treason because God is not finished with us yet.  I believe God intends to use this nation one more time to stand as a beacon of freedom in a world of oppression.  I believe God intends to use the U.S.  to help defend His people.  And although many seem to think there is no God, He is about to show the world there is.   Even now I see local sheriffs all around this nation re-pledging their allegiance to our Bill of rights and the Constitution.  Don't let what you see on the Obama news shows fool you into thinking we have no one to fight for us.  Our military men and women of every rank swore to uphold and protect the Constitution and We the People, and lay their lives on the line daily as do so many of our police forces.  Just because they have not acted in haste does not mean they will not act.  Right now it is a waiting game, but at some moment in time, in the near future they will act to defend what they hold even more dear than the average citizen because they are willing to work and even shed their blood to  protect the rights of complete strangers in foreign lands.  They aren't fighting for Obama, they are fighting for freedom, for citizens rights, for honor and decency.   They will not let their families down in their own country. Because they are not lying politicians, they are real men and women with ethics.  They have families here, generations of military men in their own families fought for this nation.  They joined the military because they believe in protecting the very rights our elected officials seem determined to take away.

     Maybe the politically minded , power hungry , money loving, or fearful ones who have had their families threatened, or people appointed by Obama to positions of power are for Obama, but I can guarantee most of our military love this nation and have more guts in their little toes than the big guys with nothing but their mouths to back up their agenda's.  Stand them up against real men and women warriors watch who turns tail and runs...   I don't think our cry is going unheard, the timing just hasn't been right yet for them to act. But like in Egypt, it will not be our politicians, not even the good ones who will stop the downfall of this nation.  It will be action, not just words that begin to restore America's freedoms. And once the fight starts, even little old grannies , and toothless old men will fight.  Because this is our country and we will not give it up easily.  We are waiting for real leaders to act and we will stand with them.  And any politician who does not stand for the Constitution is a traitor and will be charged as one.  The time is coming closer and closer and it is becoming so easy to see who stands for what. 

    Personally Sharia Law is not for me, or any woman with half a brain. I will not go from being a free woman with freedom of speech to a possession who has no rights.  And anyone who has experienced any form of slavery in their lives or in the history of their families will object when they discover just how much is about to be taken from them.  Freedom is what it is all about for us.  Freedom to live where you want, to work at whatever job you want, to own property and to do on that property what you want as long as it is Constitutionally legal. 

    We have signs downtown that designate free speech areas.  You can stand on the grass two feet from a sidewalk in front of an old fort and speak freely but not on the sidewalk .  The Federal government doesn't own this nation.  We the people do and they are our elected servants.   Federal land should allow more freedom of speech than on private lands, not less or none.  It has gone past absurd into insanity.  And it has all been because of executive orders signed by an illegal alien in the presidency, not because anyone legally removed our rights.  Something is going to break loose soon because although we all would rather not have to fight, we will not give up our land, the land that our children will dwell in, to a dictator.   

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