by, Schuyler Montague

As many of us Americans watch the events unfold in Egypt, it is hard not to compare their situation to that of our’s.  Mohamed Morsi was allegedly fairly elected by the citizens of Egypt and he ran on the platform of being a “uniter.”  Sound familiar?  He pledged to the Egyptian people to govern from the center and represent all of the various groups and factions, to include the Coptic Christian minority.  As a member of the Muslim Brotherhood prior to the 2012 elections in Egypt, it should have been clear to the people where his loyalties would be placed.  If it was not obvious to the Egyptian citizens from the beginning, it certainly did not take them long to see the effects of the misplaced trust.  Morsi stated that he would protect the Coptic Christians and their freedom to worship as they chose, although in reality, this was not the case.  He actually formed hard line Islamic Muslim Brotherhood Militias to attack the Christian minorities and there were many instances of deaths, tortures and disappearances.  Not to mention the damage to Churches and private property owned by the Coptics.  Morsi went hard left and led a fascist regime that was controlled by the few and for the fewer.  On his watch, the economy went south while unemployment skyrocketed and all he cared about was maintaining his grasp on power.  Well, the people decided things had gone too far for too long and the cry for freedom went out.

This cry for freedom did not go unheard.  About a week ago, millions of Egyptians decided to gather in protest in Tahrir Square and let their feelings be known.  It did not take long before one General within the Egyptian Army made the decision and subsequent announcement that “We, the military stand with the people..”  Not only did he issue a statement that clearly expressed the sentiment that the military would defend the people from attack, but he gave President Morsi a 48 hour ultimatum to step down from office or he would be taken down.  True to their word, as Morsi refused to relinquish his position, the military came forward and surrounded the Presidential quarters and declared “Morsi is out and we are in control.”  And, just like that.. the people were handed their nation back from the hands of a dictator.  What began as a movement of dissension within the citizens, was picked up by one General in the military and from that, freedom was reborn.  How ironic that Egypt may now find the Fourth of July as their day of Independence as well.

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  • Obama has fired all the Generals that opposed him, but I don't think we will stand alone.  There are many patriots that will honor their oath and stand with America and Americans.  Who ever thought that the Egyptian military would step to the plate?  There is no way that our Military will stand by a man that has done everything in his power to cripple them.  Just watch!!


  • The oath brings back a lot of memories. Every member swears to uphold the constitution but they take orders from the chain of command, with the president being the commander in chief. I can't help but believe that this president has corrupted the military such to the extent that we could not count on the military to secure our liberties from a corrupt president, as obvious as it might be.

  • I would like to know this Generals name... I wonder what our government,our Military and our President would do if millions of Americans, Black ,White ,Brown Red ,Catholics,Jews,Atheist,Strait , Gay, Man , Woman, Republicans and Demorcrats stood hand in hand at the White House. We are a divided country. Do we have a chance ? United We Stand Devided We Fall. Our President and his administration along with many Republicans and Demorcrats beleive in DEVIDE AND CONQUER. We are devided. We had better unite under a united goal to Unite and Conquer the enemies of our freedoms, Liberties our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  • Generals are high profile American Citizens, those of us "Retired" from the US Military were warned this month through our Retirement NewsLetter Army-"Echos".  We were reminded that WE are still liable to the "Uniformed Code of Military Justice" UCMJ, we can be ordered back to active duty, picked up by the Military Police, incarcerated at a Military or Detention Facility to face Courts Martial and even punishment under Article 15 of the UCMJ.  So our Generals, like the rest of us are keeping a lower profile to avoid attention by this "evil" Administration.

  • The US Military Generals have been politicized. Do you hear any of them speaking out as we send American young men off as cannon fodder into these 3rd World Hell holes in these illegal undeclared wars of invasion? They all dream of an office job at the Pentagon, with a chest full of medals, and daily lunches with Congress. Speaking out means risking their retirement and  being replaced by another ass kissing   general seeking to be an advisor to the White House.

  • Until everyone is willing to do as these brave forfathers did nothing will be done , lip service is meaningless and easy but your really ready to pledge and walkaway from your life and truley give it all,    nothing will be changed and all will be lost ,  thank you for reminding me. these men gave everything and sacerficed it all.

  • Will they stand with "We the People?". Never forget (Firearms confiscated) in New Orleans during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The Oklahoma National Guard along with the remaining New Orleans PD f$&@ing cowards and traitors... Be that lone Patriot standing in front of that tank in China; however, have your musket charged and at the ready...
  • OH Mangus Colorado, Thank you.

  • i would hope to think our military would stand with us and i believe most would but can't  people see what obama is doing.   went you have got our military spread so thin , when you have got all these little wars going on  everywhere and sending our troops to every corner of the earth there is not going to be many here to stand. i believe  if anything happens here , they will bring in the u.n.  troops

  • All Military personnel have a right to refuse an un-lawful order. They as well have an ABSOLUTE right to refuse an UN-CONSTITUTIONAL Order.

    ANY Foreign ARMED Troops seen on US Soil, WILL be fired upon, NO EXCEPTIONS.

    I REPEAT; ANY Foreign ARMED Troops seen on US Soil, WILL be fired upon.

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