by, Schuyler Montague

As many of us Americans watch the events unfold in Egypt, it is hard not to compare their situation to that of our’s.  Mohamed Morsi was allegedly fairly elected by the citizens of Egypt and he ran on the platform of being a “uniter.”  Sound familiar?  He pledged to the Egyptian people to govern from the center and represent all of the various groups and factions, to include the Coptic Christian minority.  As a member of the Muslim Brotherhood prior to the 2012 elections in Egypt, it should have been clear to the people where his loyalties would be placed.  If it was not obvious to the Egyptian citizens from the beginning, it certainly did not take them long to see the effects of the misplaced trust.  Morsi stated that he would protect the Coptic Christians and their freedom to worship as they chose, although in reality, this was not the case.  He actually formed hard line Islamic Muslim Brotherhood Militias to attack the Christian minorities and there were many instances of deaths, tortures and disappearances.  Not to mention the damage to Churches and private property owned by the Coptics.  Morsi went hard left and led a fascist regime that was controlled by the few and for the fewer.  On his watch, the economy went south while unemployment skyrocketed and all he cared about was maintaining his grasp on power.  Well, the people decided things had gone too far for too long and the cry for freedom went out.

This cry for freedom did not go unheard.  About a week ago, millions of Egyptians decided to gather in protest in Tahrir Square and let their feelings be known.  It did not take long before one General within the Egyptian Army made the decision and subsequent announcement that “We, the military stand with the people..”  Not only did he issue a statement that clearly expressed the sentiment that the military would defend the people from attack, but he gave President Morsi a 48 hour ultimatum to step down from office or he would be taken down.  True to their word, as Morsi refused to relinquish his position, the military came forward and surrounded the Presidential quarters and declared “Morsi is out and we are in control.”  And, just like that.. the people were handed their nation back from the hands of a dictator.  What began as a movement of dissension within the citizens, was picked up by one General in the military and from that, freedom was reborn.  How ironic that Egypt may now find the Fourth of July as their day of Independence as well.

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  • Col sorry left off the link:


  • Col.

    I do not know if you saw this or not. I present it to show the how precarious the situation has become. We are seeing as you pointed out FEDERAL POLICE POWERS being used when under the Constitution the Federal Government is not given any Police power except on Federal Article I section 8 lands.

    So, the violations are long standing and a direct violation of Constitutional limits. 

  • Mangus... make no mistake, I am not saying the military will not revolt.  What I am saying is that under the present conditions it is highly unlikely.  It will take some serious unconstitutional outrage to bring the military to depose the current Administration... something like a Boston Massacre only on a larger scale. 

    We must remember that they have already tested the waters with Ruby Ridge and Waco... coming out without a scratch from both of these outrageous uses of deadly force against law abiding citizens.  Obama has already committed what appears to be MURDER by executive fiat... executing 4 US Citizens by Drone, without due process and no one is even talking about it.  Why?  Where is Congress? 

    The civil war is already engaged and the Republic is not responding...


  • Col,

    Yes Obama has purged the military of long time warriors with stars . . he wants his kind of Command grades in power - why? why?

  • Col,

    Many long lasting governments have ended in rebellion - in fact America was created that way . . England had been stable for hundreds of years . . the Empire failed in America. So, yes it can happen here again - all Democracies [which is what we have become with all 3 branches usurping] fail and slide into - 

    Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty.


  • We are not Egypt... they have a history of coupe's and a culture that tolerates such events.  American's hold a high degree of respect for the law; even when it is abused by its leaders.  We are more disposed to suffer, while evil remains sufferable, rather than to engage in revolt.  This tradition of suffrage is borne out by history and the events leading to the Revolutionary War and Civil War.  America's military has a cultural bias, which shuns political activism and revolt. Our military leaders are trained to be 'apolitical'; too, avoid  overt displays of a political nature.  Military regulations restrain certain overt types of political activism, by active duty military.  There exist a regulatory and cultural bias against insurrection of any kind by the military.

    There is a wall of separation between the military and the politics of governing... One that our Senior Officers are reluctant to cross. However,  Officers, of all ranks, must examine their OATH of OFFICE; gauging it against the political environment, as champions of the Constitution., we have a duty to defend it.  I believe many Senior Officers are doing just that in private.  Has the government become the enemy of the Constitution, must weigh heavily on their minds?  So far,  Senior Commanders have not formed a united front or shown a willingness to act... against ENEMIES DOMESTIC. 

    However, there appears to be a shift developing in the military that is the wind behind the purge... Those officers who take their OATHS seriously are silently resisting the Administration. These officers have become the target of the Administration and a purge.  In addition, there is a serous lack of Congressional support for those Officers, who act out of conscience, to defend the Constitution. It is this lack of support by Congress, that may be keeping others from joining those resisting the Administration and its unconstitutional acts. Those Senior Officers no longer willing to serve the unconscionable acts of this Administration are retiring or being forced out. 

    Loss of confidence by the President... in a senior commander reflects the President's judgment, that the officer can no longer be trusted to follow his orders.  I suspect the officers relieved may have failed to fully comply with the Presidents orders. They may have modified his orders to comply with the law and the Constitution or simply ignored them. Either way, the President and his Administration would be unwilling to tolerate such acts of disobedience.  If any Officer has violated a 'lawful order' they would be court-martial and discharged.  If they refused an 'unlawful order' the President can relieve the officer for lack of confidence and take administrative action to force them out... retire them or discharge them.  It appears that most are being forced out administratively, without criminal charges...  lending support to the supposition that they are being ideologically purged.  It is up to Congress to intervene, when such acts ravage the Senior ranks of the military.  They appear unwilling to act.

    I doubt we will see a full blown military coupe in America... not without tens of millions taking to the streets and the Administration using force of arms against the people...  'FIRST'.  If the people expect the military to support the Constitution, they must also be willing to MASS in support of Constitutional Government. The People must organize and assemble in HUGE NUMBERS (tens of millions), before anticipating the military to support their actions.  That is what occurred in Egypt... Tahir Square came before the Generals rallied to defend the people and Constitutional government.  Obama appears to be purging the military and the people must act before it is complete. If not, don't expect support from a  military whose officers are loyal to the President.


  • There will never be another Independence day like ours tho. I am very happy for Egypt and hope they hold onto their freedom forever but in America our founders knew like no other what true freedom was and forged our nation knowing this. I'm afraid that Egyptians will keep making the same mistake over and over. 

  • PS - Our Founding Fathers pledged, to each other, "our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honor"- - can WE do any less?

  • Let us pray there are "many" generals, among US, who will answer the call- -God willing, we won't even have to ask them.  Would ALL of US be willing to stand with them?  I say "yes", the majority will, along with Oath Keepers, retired military and LE, Wild Bill's Patriot Special Forces Reaction Teams and Chief Kessler's Constitutional Security Forces.  Hundreds of our County Sheriffs, across the country and we have also promised to stand with them!  More than two hundred years ago, George Washington "answered the call" and led our meager colonial troops to victory; when asked to serve as president, he did not want to do that, but in the end, acknowledged our country's dire need for a "true leader"!

  • If, at that time when ordered to return and face court martial, perhaps military retirees should do that in the spirit of Lois Lerner:  "Contempt of Congress?  What is that?  Who cares!"..."Court martial?  What is that?  All of us?!  Surely, you jest!  Who cares!

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