If this movement becomes just like all other Politics and are only looking to fill their pockets, for profit of the organizers, then this is becoming a sad time in America.. God Help Us..Paying Palin $100K is rediculous, if she doesn't want to become part of the movement of the TeaParty and rally the folks for the benefit of the Tea Party, then we do not need her. ITS ABOUT THE CONSTITUTION AND OUR FREEDOMS, THESE PEOPLE WHO ARE CHARGING THIS KIND OF MONEY DO NOT GET IT.. The Tea Party will be just like all the other parties and You can Count me OUT..Holding a convention and asking the regular folks, American folks to dish out $300-$500 for tickets in a lavish hotel... Looks like the same ole Politics to me Doing what the Democraps and the republicans do the same ole same ole.. NO THANKS, if you continue on this path!Tea Party Nation' Prepares Convention, But Partiers Balk at For-Profit EventBy David Lewkowict Lauren Miller- FOXNews.comThe first National Tea Party Convention is slated for the end of this week, but several big names and events have cancelled after questions rose about the high fees to attend and the treasure chest where the money will end up.That National Tea Party Convention is being held at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville from Feb. 4-6. (nationalteapartyconvention.com)The first National Tea Party Convention is slated for the end of this week, but several big names and events have cancelled after questions rose about the high fees to attend and the treasure chest where the money will end up.Over the past few weeks, several sponsors, speakers and volunteers have backed out of the convention, scheduled Feb. 4-6 at Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tenn., after learning that the convention organizer, Tea Party Nation, is a for-profit company. Some activists and outsiders alike are questioning the motives of Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips."It seems to me like it's going to be a bunch of people who want to stand in front of our movement and lead it as parade leaders rather than being somebody who wants to walk with us in the parade," said Scott Boston, member of Bowling Green Ohio Tea Party Patriots.Phillips originally said profits from the convention would fund a tax-exempt, "527" political organization that would air ads to promote conservative candidates.But Phillips later told Politico that plans for the 527 group may not fly."We're still not even done with the convention yet and there may not be any profits. We could still end up losing money on this convention," he is quoted saying.Because the use of any proceeds from the event haven't been established, a House ethics committee review insisted last week that Reps. Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota and Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee withdraw from the conference.The event's main sponsor, American Liberty Alliance, dropped its sponsorship after learning that those who purchased tickets paid for them through PayPal accounts linked to an e-mail address belonging to Phillips' wife.National Precinct Alliance has canceled precinct strategy workshops. Meanwhile, American Majority scrapped plans for two sessions at the convention and withdrew its sponsorship.The national convention that began as a way to unify tea party activists from across the country is now threatening to divide them. Some of Tea Party Nation's own volunteers and members have rejected the convention because they see profiteering and fear a Republican Party takeover.Most tea party groups want to stay separate from the GOP, but very few are pushing for the movement to become a third party.Saturday night's keynote speaker Sarah Palin remains committed to the event."Oh, you betcha I'm going to be there," Palin told Fox News. "I'm going to speak there because there are people traveling from many miles away to hear what that tea party movement is all about."Palin's speaking fee is $100,000. She said she will donate the money to campaigns, candidates and issues. As a down payment for Palin's fee, Phillips reportedly borrowed $50,000, much of it from a baseball card mogul. He missed his first payment.Tickets to see Palin are $349 and participants can attend the entire event for $549.Critics say that the convention's ticket prices are too high for a grassroots event, and most tea partiers will skip the convention simply because they can't afford it."We're limited on our funds," said Greg Fettig, Hoosier Patriots. "We don't have backers. It's coming out of our pockets."Fox News' Jonathan Serrie contributed to this report.
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  • I agree. I just hope the tea party members watch out for the progressives. The money cannot line the pockets of the leaders or organizers. the money has to be spent 100% on the defeat of the progressives. No leader in the tea party should accept any money for their involvement. This has to be totally for the United States Of American and her Citizens. The speakers should volunteer their time and energy and not to take take take, or it will be a lost cause before it is out of the gate. I joined because of the conservative values it represents and the morality, honor and freedom it represents.
  • True. I do not think many average joe huys will be at this convention. They have priced the average American out of going. Especially in the economy we have now. The only people that will be going is the republican bureaucrats that we have now, to push and try to gain support of the group.. I am afraid this tea party group will be limited from the greed of money and soon will be spoiled.
  • Good point, thank you. I believe Palin should not except any money as well as other poilitians who support the tea party or any group that is for protecting the US Constitution and American Freedom. This event is a ridiculous spectacle, Americans do not want this kind of representation and exploitation and the people who for profit are just as bad as the politicians we have in office now. The tea party movement can find a sponsor much cheaper, maybe not as glamorous to hold this event and NOT Profit from it. I would suggest anyone who is thinking about attending this event, to think about where that money is going, who knows it could be lining the pockets of the very people the teaparty is against supporting. I suggest Judson Phillips try organizing with business leaders that would be willing to donate a convention spot, The USA is large, I am sure, with the condition, that the event is NOT for Profit, business leaders would step up to the plate. This would make the Tea Party much more relevant in the eyes of its supporters. If the thing goes FOR Profit, I will not support it and will go elsewhere for the protection of our constitution, and would advise other members to do the same. If large amount of money start coming in, 100% of the money should be used for ads and support of this cause.. No one should be making a dime, that means NO salaries to ANY Member.
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