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  • 2nd parfagraph from bottom should read "can't count" instead of "can count"

  • We need to make sure any person being elected in 2014 WILL enforce the Constitution and old laws of the land, which includes fighting to arrest and jail current forces of corruption!

    Obama's recently recorded speech claimed that the amnesty bill would improve the economy by a trillion dollars! It's colossal deception. 11 million "full time BLS wage" jobless citizens costs taxpayers roughly $701 billion in lost tax revenues and jobless subsidies plus $408 billion in lost citizen take home pay, That's $1.1 trillion COST!   Add another $402 billion government subsidies to aliens (their numbers!) and the total cost is $1.5 trillion TO THE USA (TAXPAYERS)! That's $2.7 million if there are 20 million criminal aliens!

    Think about a government losing $701 billion because citizens lose $402 billion @11 million take home pay jobs! Then, imagine that government SUBSIDIZING 11 million criminal aliens $402 billion more to work in a $6/hr criminal no tax environment to make sure no citizen could afford to work there!. The real cost is about $1.5 trillion @ 11 million and $2.7 @ 20 million!!! The difference between a $1 trillion and a $1.5 trillion loss is $2.5 trillion! If there's 20 million criminal aliens, the difference is $3.7 trillion!

    Counterfeiting a trillion, counterfeiting bonds to represent that cash, then destructively consuming that cash, and bragging that the bonds have "stimulated" the economy (they destroy purchasing power of all existing US bonds) is something Madoff could only dream of in his lifetime in jail... and we citizens sit back and watch our nation implode at the hands of slick traitors!!!

    When you reach a point where one can count all of the treasonous acts in the past 5 years (really it's more like 25 years), it's past time to cut losses & start jailing the thieves & traitors!

    (Ref; The 34.4 hr BLS avg. $42,537 wage is $49,462 @ full time 40 hrs.   The employee pays 25% taxes and the employer pays 30% tax & regulations which is about $23,204 total.    With the 30% employer tax added, the employee costs the employer $64,300/yr.  - the $402 billion illegal alien government cost for 11 million aliens is $36,545 each net on top of cash paid tax free $6/hr underground criminal employment)

  • Soooo True  . . .  Be it "anyone" from the Middle East, the United States or any continent . . .  please come forth immediately with any info. that ties Obama to these scandels !!!  It's blatantly obvious that he's not only a threat to the U.S. but the rest of the world as well !  No doubt our leader feels, that if he "does not lead," he will not get his hands dirty or be blamed for anything, all the while the world is crumbling around him, not just America !  Obama's "Sugar Daddies," Soro's, etc... have done a fabulous job of sealing all his records and threatening those who dare to speak negative !  No doubt, the person or persons who has the "backbone" to bring this "dangerous excuse of a President" down, will not only be a hero to America but the rest of the world as well  . . . .

  • Please just stop the talk and lay it out. Whatever these sources have that will help "open America's eyes" I say let the world look at it.

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