Question: What is the Cloward-Piven Strategy and is it covertly being employed by President Obama and his allies as a means of destroying this great country of ours?

There is sufficient evidence to prove that President Obama is in fact employing this strategy to destroy the USA as we know it today-You Decide:

“The Cloward-Piven Strategy is a deliberate series of tactics designed to bring a system down in collapse so that a preferred system can be erected in its place. Named after two Columbia University professors, it was actually employed in the early 1970s.  I want to repeat that:  it was actually employed.

This is not your ordinary conspiracy theory.  In this case, we know that the strategy was employed and had some effect.  Namely, by deliberately burdening New York city’s welfare system, they managed to bankrupt the city, which so declared in 1975.

Cloward and Piven, therefore, have made it impossible to take at face value measures which are put forward as being ‘for the poor,’ especially when those plans emerge from people associated with them or their organizations.

Cloward taught at Columbia University for almost five decades.  During his tenure, a certain Obama attended.  Did Obama and Cloward ever interact?  Did Obama ever take any of Cloward’s courses?  No one can prove he didn’t because Obama refuses to allow Columbia to release his transcripts.   In 1982, Piven returned to New York.  Did Obama interact with these two individuals?

In light of the current push for nationalized health care and the nationalization of numerous sectors of American society we have to consider the real possibility that the point of these measures is actually to bring about a national collapse.

I know there is a real horror among some to be associated with anything that smacks of a ‘conspiracy.’  Also, the American people tend to want to give people the benefit of the doubt and operate on the view that people have sincere intentions even when they are sincerely wrong.  What does one do, though, when you are talking about people who have embraced conspiracy, surprise, and manipulation as their actual method?

 “If you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.”

Obama’s connections to organizations like Saul Alinsky’s Industrial Areas Foundation are well known.  The circles he has been running in for the last three decades ensure that he is at least conversant on the topic of the Cloward-Piven strategy (which was inspired by Alinsky, itself).  How do we know that Obama doesn’t have the same goals?  Piven, for example, was a board member of the Democratic Socialists of America.  The IAF, founded by atheist Saul Alinsky, spun off the Gamaliel Foundation (which Obama worked for), an organization that deliberately works through churches to achieve their agenda.  These are people who rely on sleight of hand and deception to operate.  How do we know that Obama isn’t the same?

There are hundreds of thousands of progressives, liberals, and Democrats who sincerely want to help people, and that is why they advocate for programs such as nationalized health care, welfare, etc.  I know some of them, and I know that they would be repulsed by the notion that these programs be used as a means for transforming the United States to reflect Piven’s socialistic vision for it.  I am calling upon these very people to rise up and demand that Obama release records that would help us understand what his values really are.  Obviously, no one will listen to conservatives.  They are too easy to dismiss as ‘birthers.’  But if liberals shout loud enough… well that might be something else.

Indeed, this essay has been written to just those people, for conservatives already know the truth about ACORN, the IAF, the Gamaliel Foundation, and Cloward and Piven and their National Welfare Rights Organization under George Wiley.  These connections are easily documented by basic searches online.  I think you are dead wrong-headed in your attempt to solve the nation’s ills through the government but in the main I think you are right-hearted.  I know you would be disgusted to discover that you’ve been played as dupes if the real goal of those actually implementing these programs is to bring the country down to its knees.  Even many liberals have noted that the practical effect of all of these government intrusion is national bankruptcy unless something dramatic happens.

Normally, one can look back on a politician’s career in order to ascertain what they really believe in contrast to that which they say they believe.  Actions speak louder than words.  In the case of Obama, there are a scant two years as a United States senator to look at and his time as a state rep generated very little insight into his true beliefs, as well.  If Obama actually intends to employ the Cloward and Piven strategy, however, ‘looking back’ might be too late.

Call upon Obama to release all requested records, immediately (especially the Columbia University records in this case).  If we wake up in ruins because you didn’t demand these records and they proved pertinent, it will be on your head.  If we see the records and they yield no new insight, then we will have harmed nothing, having only viewed what just about any president has eventually had exposed.

But we all have the right to know… but only you can bring it about.



Anthony Horvath

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  • hello all, did anyone see the Wild Bills Video, TEA TEAMS USA??? Something is forming...Did anyone see it????comments?   The Subject page, looks very true as to what is happening..

  • To all of you who have the courage to keep going, you must continue fighting! We all feel discouraged , all of us! They are counting on their tactics to create fear and helplessness! Too many are caving into  to this! My understanding is that we , the Tea Party, may be getting much more pro-active! I pray that this change includes a very strong, courageous leader.

    Keep signing the damn petitions! Donate whatever you can to only your highest priority! Yes, sometimes I feel like all of it is a big money scam, but, we must believe in something, in someone! We must trust somebody to lead us forward! Whatever you do, don't you dare give up! Don't you Dare!

  • We have tried and tried to do something with petitions and they have died right before our eyes.  We need some more people like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz at the fore front.  With more people like those 2 who won't back down and will charge ahead with the intent on getting the right things done in Washington.. That city has become a cesspool of lies and corruption that will not end until we get the right people in places that can start to clean up that mess.  Its going to be a long hard road but with the 2 mentioned above, we are at least headed in the right direction.  I am putting my faith into Rand and Ted for a change for the better, hopefully in 2014 elections, we will see more like those 2.

  • Anthony, where is the petition? I know we have asked for records and have been refused. Rand Paul is a start and removing those that refuse to support a balanced budget is a must for America. We need more Conservatives in office if it is not too late! We have needed this for over 40 years. I have found one idea, simple but it does get rid of much junk mails from Liberals. Save them in a trash bin and we can use them for house heating starter in the fall! Every time we light the fire we are destroying lies by fire! Just like the victory gardens of WWII, which we could also do to save as we go through this radical Presidents and the radical Liberals control.

    We know the biggest problem is getting the Liberal media to tell all the facts; stop sidestepping truths; and support American rights. Big chance, huh? As a veteran I surely know what has happened in the last 50 years caused by the Liberal media.

  • There is more proof stacked up that would add up to a mile high for alot more than the 4 years he's been the illegal liar who had the seat bought for him. There's proof of his guilt of Cloward-Piven, many treasons, high crimes, seat buying, voter fraud, and a whole lot more since the start. Far too much, but unbelievably the people that can do something about it, the military, congress, even our courts let him get away with it. There's a list a mile long of grounds for impeachment, actually nullification, but all avenues are closed for action to stop him. There's paper, records, video, but no one wants to do anything about it. All the words from all the Americans are mute to them all.

  • If this could be proven, this should be grounds for impeachment no matter who is behind him.  If it can be proven the he is trying to destroy our economy, he should  be jailed for doing so...

  • We all know that the obamantion is a fraud and a lier.

    The problem I have is why have the courts valid this.

    Why have the courts put him in jail.

    Why haven't the congress on the right brought this to the for front.

    At least put this up for a vote for impeachment. We know the senate will not impeach him.

    But this will bring it up before the people to see.

    ACTION. We need to find out. Know your enemy.

  • What can we do to stop the way things are going? Elect more people like rand Paul otherwise we are doomed. The communist know the only way to defeat us is through the law and that's what they are doing
  • Action. What can we do to play this game better.

    We know he is a faud and fake.

    We need ideas to action. Maybe we can get the records some how.

    Find people that knew he wasn't in school.


  • I copied and pasted this into a letter to my so called reps - all dems.

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