Author: Brian D. Hill

Source: USWGO Alternative News

Obama says to Illegal Aliens to vote for him in America

After everything Obama and the other globalists have done could they all be planning to dissolve thw twoparty system and convert it all into a communist/Nazi style one partydictatorship.

Why was Obama, the globalists, and many democrats demonizing tea parties while Dale Robertson saidthe total opposite in a interview by USWGO Alternative News,demonizing republicans and all GOP Candidates, Mexican RevolutionaryLeaders turningMexicans against Americans and using racial slurs such as frail whitepeople, Teachers starting to tell students that wearing an Americanflag is wrong (Sourced hereand here),getting ready to grantamnesty to millions of illegal immigrants (aka illegal aliens)demonizing anybody against Big Government as republican while the mediaestablishment and system has made sure independent candidates never getelected even though you CAN vote in a independent candidate, and whywas Bush misbehaving so much while in office by attackingenvironmentalists (While the globalists are all for controlling theworld by using environmentalist groups) and causing all Americans tohate the republican party even though there's corruption in bothpolitical parties, and the right left wing paradigm is just a big mediacircus.

Could the globalists that hijacked both the democrats and republicans be trying to abolish the republican party then takingcomplete control of the left side because of foes against globalismsuch as Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Randall (Republican candidate thatbelieves the oil spill was done on purpose), and many libertarians andpatriot group supporters are getting into the republican party insteadof the independent party that never gets elected just to get elected.

Could the Obama and the elite be planning the same tactics as Hitler and Mao, the dissolving of the two party political party system andthe formation of the one party political system like Communist China,Socialist Germany before the Nazi regime and the dissolve of theparliament, and other socialist/communist/fascist nations that have hadtyrannical dictatorships after the dissolving of the two or more partypolitical systems.

Could Obama be granting amnesty and voting rights to millions of illegal immigrants to subvert the legitimatevoting process (Just like how Bush cheated the elections two times)thus getting Obama himself reelected, and keep the democrats in controlof our country for decades to come?

Could this be the beginning of the dissolving of the republican political party and furtherconvert American to socialism, then communism, and then into adictatorship that will work under a world government?

To answer all of these questions it is a major possibility that the very reasonhe is granting amnesty is to get more votes for Obama and theprogressive democrats, that the very reason Bush misbehaved so much andacted like a total ba**ard and idiot was to get everyone to worshipthe democrats and Obama because playing peoples emotions and using goodpolitical groups to fuel the elitist agenda is what the globalists aregood at. Also even though both the democrats and republicans havepolitical corruption and both have Bilderbergers in them by demonizingthe republicans and GOP good enough the people could get angry enoughalong with the Illegal Aliens from Mexico to dissolve the republicanpolitical party and thus there will only be one party to vote for calledthe democrat political party while the independents will still neverget elected because the media traditionally showcases only two majorpolitical parties and that's the Republican Party and the DemocratParty.

So again could this be why hes giving voting rights to millions of illegal immigrants, could this be why the democrats arepushing hard to demonizing all the republicans, could Bush have actedas a horrible president on purpose to create am huge need to dissolvethe two party system and create a one party dictatorship? Well youdecide for yourself what the answer could be!

For those who aren't blocked from my website you can read the original and possiblymore recently updated article at USWGO.

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