Is my mind gone?

Hi Patriots, is my mind going or is it ok to think like Rush Limbaugh??I wrote yesterday about Syrian rebels using gas to set Assad up for removal so the MB could take over, and the fact Obama was helping the rebels. Here's where I might be losing it, Rush stated on his show the same thing.Is it ok to think like Rush? I am scared...
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  • I'm thinking most of the time like Michael Savage.  I'm a fan of Rush Limbaugh to a lesser degree. My theory is this Syrian debauckle is more connected to the regime in dc.  My opinion is that the Oblamea regime is in kahoots with the Muslim Brotherhood.  I like how they are trying to candy coat their reasons for needing to bomb Syria.  The powers that be have some sort of stake in it, a self serving reason to do so.

  • RIGHT ON !!

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