Is Mr. Trump a Conservative


Is Mr. Trump a Conservative through and through, who knows but him. I do know that after all these miserable heartbreaking years with Obama, living out his Marxist dreams,  this country needs a strong man at the helm, a man beholding to nobody. We need a man that can look in the face of the terrorists and spit in their eye. We need a man that recognizes how desperately weak this country has become and knows what to do to rectify it. I like how he brings up Gen. Patton, one of the greatest Generals ever and says that’s what we need, not the milksops we hear and see now. I like what he wants to do for the veterans, how he is going to finally have the southern wall built and Mexico pay for it. I like how he plans to bring our manufacturing businesses back, I like how finally there is a man that believes in America first. He is pro 2nd. Amendment. What the hell are we looking for in a President if not someone especially like Mr. Trump? Is he a Conservative? He is the man we need so great feats can be accomplished and we have a country again. My hope is for BHO to be impeached and indicted along with Hillary, no two have ever deserved it more.

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