Is Freedom Fading?

Will The Government’s Flawed-Logic Replace Freedom? Washington is so anxious to pass the national health-care scheme they are forgetting the most precious point, the freedom of the people. An odd combination of flawed-logic and self-centered reasoning has tainted the thinking of those we placed in office, thereby creating a cataclysmic distortion of the very ideals held dear for over 330 years. As you might guess, the term, flawed-logic is an oxymoron, how can logic be flawed? Something like this: If a flaw in a logical progression of thought, is discovered, then the reasoning process is obviously tainted, and therefore is not logical, except in Washington. The ‘flawed-logic thinking’ phenomenon only occurs in the deep caverns of Washington, behind closed doors, whispered in committee meetings as a unfathomable secret truth the ‘unenlightened Citizens’ cannot grasp. Believe it or not, the tune of the flawed-logic think-tank is being whispered throughout the Halls of Congress as members of both Houses bellow their mission as if it made sense. All the while, the light of freedom continually grows dim. Capitol Hill’s flawed-logic is spun in this manner: Health-care is good, the government will provide health-care, and therefore the government is good. Consider this fact, in a single breathe the Washington blatherskites jabber their nonsense claiming their flawed-logic is a scientific fact and only the simple-minded lacking in mental acuteness would challenge the deep wisdom of the Washington gifted brainiacs! The leap from logic to lunacy makes prefect sense to the confused progressive mind-set, they snicker: “as if common man could understand the extreme logic of the Washington anointed.” The Washington lunatics proudly proclaim: This is why you need us, to lead our constituents through the deep waters of understanding! It is at this point the light of freedom begins to shine unsteadily. It turns out, the first piece of the Washington flawed and confused logic nightmare unfolds with a possible truth. Yes, good health-care is good, who can argue this point, and of course, the antithesis of this is poor health-care, and who wants that? No one, therefore, the foothold of agreement takes anchor. We all must agree that enjoying good heath-care is good. In addition, the second component departs from logic by making the assumption Washington can do anything well, especially the type and style of health-care the Washington Progressive think-tanks are cooking up. In truth, Washington holds an abysmal record of doing anything well. From exterminating the American Indians to a failed Social Security systems to being unable to balance the national budget by the very ones who can print as much money as they want! The argument of the Government fails on every point as they have a near to zero success record. At this point, the argument mutates as the progressive thinkers try to force feed the idea that their plan will be good for the nation! What poppycock! The lamebrain government Franken-Plan is irreparably flawed for it damages freedom. Simply put, the Health-care scheme will mandate Citizens to join, or, fines, jail-time and/or confiscation of assets will be levied against them! The light of freedom that is being extinguished cries for your help. Furthermore, the assumption is made that all Citizens even want some type of health-care. This begs the question, what about Citizen’s who does not choose organized health-care. Many homeopathic and naturopathic organizations’s success rates have been conveniently excluded from the Washington equation simply because tens of millions of people choose not to participate in ANY health insurance coverage. Do you blame them? Do you think the Government will make those people feel better because Big Brother can now be their proctologist? KEEP READING I am telling you the final flaw in Washington’s logic is their belief that they are good, so they will provide good health-care; therefore they are good at providing health-care. This is their flawed-logic. Here is the big question: Since when does a politician become good simply by denying the will of the people? In short, what made them so good at creating a health-care scheme, which is inferior to so many other truly proven existing plans? Furthermore, the Government has never been in the health-care business before, therefore they are the new kid on the block, the start-up! Are you willing to bet your life on the notion the government will get it right in your lifetime? If the National Health-care scheme is not stopped, you will be betting your life on it, and so the health of our beloved nation for generations to come. Therefore, they cannot justify their logic by claiming they are doing the greater good for the greatest number, because the greatest number doesn’t want it! Another flaw! Here’s the kicker, the Washington egomaniacs believe they are on a holy mission. By fulfilling their calling to be sympathetic statesmen, all the while their actions strip the American people of their freedoms, forcing them into a plan which is not only more expensive but also provides less benefits stemming from a source that has one of the worse performance records in human history. How disingenuous for the politically confused to presume they know what is best for the people all the while being blind servants, doing their masters bidding at the expense of the very people they were elected to serve. Here’s the scary part, the Washington scallywags are boasting how they are doing the ‘good thing’ by providing benefits to the great unwashed masses, all the while, dislocating their arms as they pat each other on the back at the same time while they wallow in their government mandated health-care cesspool of flawed-logic. There is only one-way to fight these inflated egos and that is to deflate their hype! The American people must stop the passing of Bill 3539, the National Health-Care Bill. A.k.a., the National Health-Scare Bill. Listen up my friend; the people do not want the Washington Franken-Bill. We The People must stop the illogical madness by taking massive action. The light of freedom needs oxygen; you are that breath of fresh air rekindling the flame of freedom. A word of caution; we no longer can wait until November of 2010, by then the National Health-care scheme will be signed, sealed and delivered. Amnesty will be installed and 20 to 30 million new confused pro-progressive voters will emerge unto the voting ranks insuring a win for the confused progressive side of the aisle. Furthermore, through a pending U.N. directive, America will lose it’s right to bear arms. If that is not bad enough, the silencing of conservative talk radio will become law, not to mention the government funding of the genocide of the unborn, i.e. government funded abortion, and a host of other diabolical legislative actions that are clandestinely waiting in the wings. Remember, these actions will become law unless We The People rise up and say, No You Can’t. Yes, the time for action is here. The Washington madness of their flawed-logic and self-dealing is destroying the very fabric of America. Make no mistake; good health cannot come from the hand of a sick government, nor should it be mandated at the expense of hard working taxpaying American Citizens. Thus, it is not ‘good people’ who trample freedom. ‘Good people’ do not take away the rights of their constituents, they look for ways to preserve and protect them. Therefore, can you call those we placed in office ‘good people’? You tell me. You see, there is only one action necessary and that is to sound the alarm and awaken the dazed, politically diseased from their liberal coma. There must be a substantial increase of action, millions of phone calls, letters, e-mails and faxes sent to Washington followed up by marches and demonstrations. Anything less and the mesmerized glossy eyed narcissistic, self-aggrandizers will continue in their never-ending glutton-fest at the expense of U.S. taxpayers. This is a truth, in less than 1 year, if the Nationalization of key industries is not stopped, America will become uninhabitable by such types as freedom loving Patriots, Wealthy Industrialists, and those who long for the late great America. Unless We The People act quickly, tomorrow may be the day after America disappears forever. Stephen Eichler J.D. is a Legal Analysis having graduated from Trinity Law School with additional studies in International law. Eichler is also a founding student of Liberty University being personally taught by Jerry Falwell. Stephen Eichler is a business owner for over 30 years and is now dedicating his time to bringing national awareness to issues that challenge the security, sovereignty and domestic tranquility of the United States. He is the President of FaxDC, Executive Director of the Minuteman Project, Inc. led by Jim Gilchrist and Executive Director of the Nom de plume: Minuteman Steve Stephen Eichler is represented by Tim Bueler and may be contacted at for Radio/TV and Print media bookings.
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  • Well said, Failed Ideologies generate failed policies. The loss of 4 million jobs dispite Bailout, Stimulus, Omnibus Bill, Pork and Earmarks should have been enough to raise the red flag. The adage fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me, holds true. Financially we are in the red and the only solution is more red ink should scare the hell out of any sane American. We cannot retreat but must embrace the courage our Founding Fathers had to Restore the Constitution. The Heath Care and the Cap and Trade are monsterous policies that is designed to destroy our nation financially. Each of us must ask why is it more important to dig a deeper whole financially then to focus on creating jobs for Americans? We must act to Restore this Nation and not be complacent to its demise.
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