Recently we have heard a lot about the finger pointing incident on The Tarmac by Governor Jan Brewer at President Barack Obama.  The incident is now being proclaimed as a racial situation, and The Governor is being blamed by Jessie Jackson and others as causing division, and calls are being made to smear her name.  It has even being suggested that her actions may cause The President to be assassin...ated. I am not writing this note to debate the ethical question of whether or not this incident is right, wrong, or disrespectful.  I wish here to address the issue of whether or not those that accuse this incident of being racial have any merit. How Race entered into this situation based on a picture is beyond belief.  It seems as if those that will use discrimination as an excuse to divide us will stoop to any level to cause racial strife as a way of maintaining themselves in a position of power. Prior to this event, Governor Brewer has not to my knowledge ever been mentioned or charged as a person with a history of racial discrimination.  If we are to be suspect of any one of the two, the lot would fall on our President as he is the one with the history of promoting class warfare, and standing along the side of the likes of Jeremiah Wright as he proclaimed Black Liberation Theology (a doctrine of hate) from the Church that he attended for over twenty years.  Our President also stands with The Attorney General Eric Holder who refuses to prosecute The Black Panthers for intimidation against Whites. Many Blacks have jumped on the band wagon and are blaming Governor Brewer of being a Racist because they accuse her of wanting to “set a Black man of power straight.”  They accuse her of using the opportunity to promote her new book, and to show the nation that she has the nerve to stand up and put him back in his place publicly. They also point out that it is disrespectful for someone White to ever point a finger in a Black persons face in public because of the dark racial history of our country. They also have failed to take into account that our current President, Barack Obama has himself repeated this gesture on several occasions to State Officials and foreign leaders.  Are we to assume that his actions were Reverse Discrimination? We need to approach this situation with caution and with the facts.  We have enough problems in America and should not add fuel to the fire by placing charges of racial hatred to incidents simply because of a picture or historical stereotypes.  Many people also exercise their freedom of speech with incident hand gestures that may not carry any measure of contempt in their appearance. Let us not rush to judgment and accuse others of such a serious charge before we investigate the facts.  We must move on and tackle the problems that are pressing this country.  We must not use The Race Card to unjustly cause someone to receive scorn.  We must move forward and unite as One America and maintain our respect for one another.
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  • Reverse Discrimination? There is no such thing! The reverse of discrimination is integration.  The term Reverse Discrimination implies only White people can discriminate against another and that discrimination can only be leveled against Blacks. This is a lie of the left and a too often an accepted term by Conservatives who have false guilt.

    The facts are; anyone of any color, at any time can, by their own choice discriminate, as ugly as that may sound. Discrimination is a state of mind, not an attitude bonded by a color.

    Example: Many wealthy people are discriminated against by segments of society because of their wealth. For the longest time people with a physical challenge were discriminated against, now society is accepting of those who are challenged.  Lawyers are cursed at and discriminate against because of their profession. How many jokes involve killing a Lawyer, yet if the same joke were told about killing a Black man or some other color the joke teller would be penalized by the listener.

    Therefore, Reverse Discrimination does not exist, only Discrimination or integration, which can be exercised by anyone at any time for any reason.

    The choice is yours.

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  • My youngest daughter is married to a black man, they have a daughter. I love them all, w/ all my heart. dont call me racist My oldest married to an orental w/ 3 kids I love them all, dont call me racist. When it comes to O & dems another matter, its not my indext finger thats pointing, but another. Jan as Az gov is doing a great job w/ the limited resources Az has. Shes asked for help from the feds for a long time, shes received no help. Drugs, illegals & terrorists coming over border to American soil- guns & money going to Mexico. The feds were suppose to take care of this matter, theyve done nothing. Shame on O & dems. GOD bless Arizona, GOD bless the Tea Party & God bless AMERICA 

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