With all his hollow promises of building a wall, bringing jobs back to America, repealing Obamacare and bombing terrorists combined with his 4064237868?profile=originalconstant spew of lies directed at Ted Cruz and family, Donald Trump has managed with help from his “bought and paid for” media sycophants to accumulate enough votes to become the presumptive candidate for President! At the convention anti-Cruz establishment opportunists sold their votes to put Trump over the top securing his nomination as GOP candidate for President of the United States. Trump won! So why did the “Trumpster” minions boo Senator Cruz excessively during his speech at the convention while applauding Trump’s lies all knowing that only congress can do all the things that he promised? Was this all planned by Trump? Why does he continue to attack Senator Cruz? Is it because Cruz, a devout Christian, wouldn’t endorse a person who viciously attacked him with lies or because Cruz told all Americans to vote their conscience? Who is the real loser here?4064237855?profile=original Trump needs all the help he can muster to win the presidency. A gentleman or true conservative would have apologized to Ted Cruz in public and asked for his support instead of burning the bridge. Unfortunately, Donald Trump is not a conservative nor is he a gentleman. Trump is a Republican in name only. So as Americans here we are once again forced to decide between two prolific liars for President , a documented incompetent and corrupt politician in Hillary Clinton and another narcissistic wannabe thug in Donald Trump. Which candidate would you trust with the keys to your home? Is it time to stay home and allow Democrats to finish the job of transforming America 4064237889?profile=originalinto their new Progressive Nanny State Utopia? Only then could all Americans finally understand how left wing Democrat policies have destroyed the greatest Free Capitalist Society on earth. Or do we vote status quo for the GOP congress giving Trump “Obama like” overreaching unconstitutional powers so he too could single handedly destroy the United States? The only other alternative we have as voters is to take our anger out on those in congress who went against our demands and are responsible. Time to hold our nose once again and vote for Trump while cleaning house of establishment RINO representatives and replacing them with only true constitutional conservatives. This will be our last chance to restore America to the Constitutional Republic our forefathers envisioned.



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