Mankind have the distinct ability of becoming their own worst enemy. We allow ourselves to be hypnotized and slowly put to sleep or become lazy in the act of making sure that things are defined just as they are suppose to be and not changed by the people that could be our enemies.

One of the things we have closed our eyes to is what it takes to truly be on of God's children. This one think is the root of most, if not all of the problems we have in our country.

Even as far back as Adam and Eve the true values of God was tested. Satan ask a simple question.(Did God Say). Although this question is somewhat paraphrased , you can see what I mean.

There is a true story about a Christian college student that was the student body president years ago. He was sitting in on a meeting of the board that was looking for someone to speak at graduation that year. One of the members of the board suggested that they call the president of the United States and ask if he could come and speak that year. The student body president  stood and ask, has the president of our country been born again? Does he know Jesus Christ as his savior?  Sad to say that this young man ask to resign his leadership role because of that one question he ask. This happened in  a college that taught Christianity

Christianity is not a religion although we have created a religion called Christianity in this country. It's possible that this religion has always been and we just let it in but the fact is it is here.

Before we go any farther let's just ask a question. Do you the reader of this article know Jesus Christ as your Savior? When you listen to your heart. not this writer , but the Spirit of God that speaks to your heart. What does he say to you when that question id presented to you?

You see, the personal relationship that takes place when any person realizes that they are a sinner and they see that Jesus Christ done all He did to pay for our sin debt and any person that ask Him to come into their heart and become their Savior is what it takes to be born into the family of God. You become a part of a family. The Spirit of the Father of that family lives in you own heart and directs your paths. He even chastises you when you are doing wrong.

In the world we live in you can join any Church you choose to, any denomination that satisfies you belief we call it. The act they you join or that you are even baptized will never make you a part of God's family. You must be born into His Family, there is no other way to get in.

We join clubs and religions alike, we even abide by the rules they set forth and may even be highly esteemed as a member but that is all the reward you will ever have

The Jews are God's chosen people. That might not be popular to say today but it is still true. You can go and join a Jewish synagogue if you like but just joining does not make you a Jew. You have to be born a Jew.

In closing I would like all the readers to know, I love you, I love this country, but it has very little to do with me. I say again I have no desire for you to hear me but rather the voice that speaks to your heart. If I die today you will lose absolutely nothing. But friend if God speaks to your heart and you do not hear Him, you will lose it all.

I try not to uses many (I's) when I write because it's not me I desire you to hear or see but please hear him.

This country needs Him now living in our hearts now more than ever. He desires to lead us back to righteousness but to hear Him you must be born into His family.

Are you just a Christian , or have you truly been born again? 


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  • It is sad that many that attend church may go to churches not witnessing about Christ as they should. We know one can go to many now, in the U.S. and not hear the prayer of Salvation. This makes it a relationship with the Creator and not a religion. I wonder if the black American churches have stopped supporting the words of our Lord,, "Ye must be born again!" How many "born again" Christians would vote for abortion advocates or those who corrupt our men and women with the radical gay agenda?

    I was watching a movie, not for children or even Christian, but it supported the rights of citizens to protect themselves. Charles Bronson is the star. One of the citizens in New York got spunky and used a hat pin to drive the muggers away. It reminded me of a real life news report about a devout Christian black grandmother who drove the drug dealers out of her community! She was so loved that they dare not kill her!

    Brother, we know so many people who have been set free of drugs; of perversions; and healings that had to be God! We have heard their stories and I am one of them. I was a dead man walking. I would consume a case of beer a day and, at lunch at work would go to a bar and have a triple shot of Old Grand Dad. My mind was taken over and I even abused my wife. This woke me up and she invited me to a meeting with a Pastor. He lead us both to the Lord. God is assume and He is more real than anything. God bless. Brother Virgil

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