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Has Black History Month met its end with the re-election of Barack Obama? One could make a solid case for calling a halt to the month of February as an official celebration of the achievements of Black Americans, since many of the injustices of the past have died away along with the perpetrators. In the 21st Century should not the focus be on a unified America that celebrates and acknowledges the achievements of all Americans throughout the year?

The advent of Black History month began in 1926 as the second week in February, and was known as Negro History Week. Its creator, black historian Carter G. Woodson was clear about its purpose and eventual end. He insisted at the time that the holiday be eliminated, when “black history became fundamental to American history.”

Last year, noted international author Maya Angelou appeared to agree when she explained in an interview, "We want to reach a time when there won't be Black History Month, when black history will be so integrated into American history that we study it along with every other history," according to Fox News.

Well, it appears apparent that the jury is in and the verdict is clear, the need for Black History Month has met it original purpose. Woodson’s edict was that the need for the month to continue into perpetuity was not its purpose. Black history has been mainstreamed into what it always has been, and that is; part of America’s history. Even Academy Award winning actor Morgan Freeman strongly asserted in a Sixty Minutes interview, "Black History Month is ridiculous… Black History is American History!"

Well it seems that Barack Obama’s election has sealed the deal on that, considering that February was chosen as the official month to honor Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. Lincoln freed the black slaves and, is it not fitting that the end of this holiday has indeed run its natural course with the election and re-election of the first black president of the United States?

Americans have an opportunity to move on and stop reliving the practices and outrages of racism which once permeated every aspect of the nation’s culture. Blacks have been elected governors, and congress has growing numbers of black elected leaders. Now with a president who is black, where again is the need for Black History Month?

It is unnecessary to keep track of black achievement in areas of professionalism and other fields of achievement. These achievements are American achievements, and should not continue to be segregated or celebrated by racial designation.

The nation should be focused on celebrating the future of a united nation where racial designations have no purpose or place. If America is to truly become one nation, indivisible with justice for all, then it must do away with the categories and the special designations which continue to keep Americans separate and apart. Is this not now the spirit and practice of reverse racism?

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  • We also need to replace President's Day with Usurper Day and call a spade a spade.

  • Promoting any one race over another is racism.  At this point in our nations history everyone is equal under the law.  By continuing to promote "Civil Rights" and all the preferential treatment laws we promote racism in many colors.  I am tired of hearing of it.  I have spent meny years in Eastern Europe, and they are free of all this nagging behavior.  America needs to mature and put all of this behind us. The only special monthe we need is the Celebratin of the Lord Jesus Birth .

  • Ladybard; the public who are given understanding by the Creator know full well the fraud is going down and awaits the spiritual ax about to fall

    What percentage of the population participated in actual combat when England was sent packing losing the first American revolution? Everyone doesn't have the need to know, just those who are on the front lines.

  • Thanks for the personal input of past life experience, Ladybard! It's good to know where people come from so we can educatedly guess where they may be going.

    Isn't that why we are so intent on knowing O's past from beginning to present, and why he is so intent upon keeping it confused?

    I'll watch my comments a bit closer and refrain from using that word which brings bad memories back to you.....I guess I'll just remove the first letter and use the rest of the word when referring to the people in Washington that are SUPPOSED to be our government representatives!

  • I could have been a bit rash in my assessment that the whites have the other eleven months, as you so aptly noted, ladybard.  I am sure you have seen---the same as I---that through the welfare/food stamp program being pushed by Obummer all of his dependent voters are swinging on his bandwagon and the mostly white conservative population that is employed are the ones paying for his free lunch program.  I know people whose parents were on Welfare and Food Stamps and they have taught their children how to do the same kind of swindle.  This corrupt administration is only going to get worse as he tries to push through the illegal aliens and make them liberated American citizens.  These voters too will be embibing on the same free program of the WFS that allows these poor followers of Barry to partake.

  • Well, Ladybard, I certainly am not a marxist!

    As far as living in NYC, I'm just a simple country boy and I'll stay in the country where I was raised.


  • And the answer to the question is a resounding: YES ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY 100% NOW!!!  What happened to a White History Month?  The answer is that the whites have the other eleven months.

  • I wonder what ever happened to a "WHITE HISTORY MONTH?"

  • You might also want to include here that Morgan Freeman was quoted  " anyone who doesn't vote for Obama is a raciest!" It surprised me when he turned up playing the role of a house Nigger in the Dijango movie. Seems like a conflict of positions to me. Old Black man owned by Rich white man.
    I'm still waiting for a comment about "thanks to the white man we were allowed to come to this country." How about a time when a person is refereed to by their name instead of skin color.
    I also want tot add that he was one of my favorite actors until i read his comments about voting for Obama. Now he is on my no watch list. Talk about being a racist!

  • I know where you are coming from, Daniel! You and I stand shoulder to shoulder against the communist agenda!

    I like it on turkey sausage; just had that last for the evening meal; but I use Hunt's which doesn't contain HFCS.

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