Iowa and New Hampshire

Please vote for me in the Iowa caucuses. The voters have not made up their minds, no matter how hard the media tries to decide who the nominee is going to be. We have a choice of career politicians who will owe lobbyists and big money supporters. It is clear that Republican voters aren’t sold on the big name candidates. Mitt Romney is the corporate candidate. Newt Gingrich is the abrasive career politician, Ron Paul comes across as the crazy old man…unelectable contrast to President Obama to the uninformed.

We need a President who is not beholden to special interest groups…..but serves the people who elected him or her to office. Period. Elect a President of the people and who has suffered through the same problems as the citizens of this country.

I am a leader, who has walked through the valley of evil and danger many times while we have a President who was in the community organizing socialists to create an entitlement society. While we are working sixty hour work weeks to support our families, the food stamp President is on island vacations.

I ask you to review my Facebook page and my blogs and discussions on  and vote for me in the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary to make a statement.

Thank you.

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