Intelligent Design

All these questions we read on this blog and no answers; we are getting nowhere. What comes around goes around, but not always.  America was peopled by Europeans. They came to a wild land with many dangers, by reason of having the freedom to do their thing without government interference.  When King George’s taxes were seen as oppressive, they said, no way, wrote the Declaration of Independence, and beat the most powerful nation in the world, in fact, replaced the most powerful nation in the world, so what’s the answer? I haven’t heard it here.


Here is the answer. Knowledge has no mathematical definition.  For instance, the molecular knowledge in DNA requires the quantification of the amount of information, to give quantity to something having only quality, as anything scientific, or legal, most have a precise or mathematical definition.  The everyday definition is that knowledge conveys something useful.  Neither the legal nor mathematical definition takes into consideration that knowledge conveys something useful. After beating around the bush, both come up with useless answers. A good example is Obamacare.  The proverbial Tree of Knowledge, with its serpent, go ahead and partake, and know what the gods know. That’s my advice.


In communication systems, information is not required to contain knowledge. The same might be said of biological systems, except for the fact that information that does not provide selective advantage is lost. Evolution involves the creation of information that provides a selective advantage, something in which the information is useful.


The first biological systems on earth, one cell organisms, had to have for their survival collective intermediaries  Humans are the only biological system created to be self-governed. The establishment position is that knowledge does not have to be useful. The prime consideration is that the establishment remain in control, thus the intermediary—something useless.  In religion, man creates an intermediary god—something  useless. 


In the Scofield Study Bible Introduction (to be read), we read, “The Dispensations are distinguished, exhibiting the majestic, progressive order of the divine dealings of God with humanity, ‘the increasing purpose’ which runs through and links together the ages from the beginning of the life of man to the end in eternity. Augustine said: ‘Distinguish the ages, and the Scriptures harmonize.’”  Thus, all said and done, the establishment seeks to carry us back in time, to the time when life had intermediaries—hive mentality, and later herd mentality.


In Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District, a federal judge decided that Intelligent Design involved religious belief. I’m not religious but certain that I’m here by Intelligent Design.  Quantum physicists who try to show that we are here by Intelligent Design are accused of trying to smuggle God into science, God, the supreme being.  Some quantum physicists, I’m here to tell you, do not see God as a supreme being, but as the supreme consciousness of the universe, and that we are inextricably part of it.


If we did not have the supreme being the acceptable definition, but rather Intelligent Design or Supreme Consciousness, the law and science required to accept that we are logically each here by Intelligent Design, the individual therefore empowered, of course Intelligent Design would be rejected by the establishment.


Knowledge being quantified, wherein something useful is not a consideration, the individual merely a quantity—does not have a legal leg to stand on—it is precisely this reasoning—that we are merely a quantity with no rights—that made it legal to eliminate German Jews.


Taking it for granted that the progressive order of the universe leaves us here with increasing purpose, it is a distortion of the meaning of the word progressive to quantify us.  Quantum, the same as quantity, the smallest excitation of a quantized wave or field, as a photon, a photon is a tiny packet of energy that is created by our observing light waves. From wave we create a particle merely by observation, thus by Intelligent Design these tiny packets of energy, through our eyes, are channeled to the brain, processed, and we see a tree.  Knowledge, by scientific and legal definition, does not take this scientifically proven fact into consideration. Thus we have progressive government. Thus, the American masses, on the Yellow Brick Road, went to see the Wizard of Oz, and believing, do not want to be confused by the facts I reveal.


When life commenced on earth, one cell organisms, some intermediary force directing life, and still only one life form capable of being self-directed, by Intelligent Design, in that the establishment is against Intelligent Design, and the Supreme Being an invention, an intermediary, early Americans, it seems, were here before their time.  It is now back to what comes around goes around.  America’s government, having painted itself into a corner, and desperate, is implementing all manner of devices—lies—to remain in control. Flying on a wing and a prayer and adding weight as it goes, the United States, a disaster waiting to happen, is the same as Europe.


 The law, based on reason—codified experiences—and some things never change,  America’s current keepers of the law, maintaining that they must interpret the law in light of today’s needs; that is, needs as they see it, don’t accept that we are here with increasing purpose.  The way our judges reason, we are here for their purpose.  I know the law; they don’t.


Mahatma Gandhi knew the law. He reasoned that non-violence is not a garment to put on and off at will. Its seat is in the heart, and must be an inseparable part of our living; that is, living by the Intelligent Design that created us. America’s judges have changed from Jim Crow law. Now they have replaced Intelligent Design with themselves. Never in the history of law has the law ever come down to a full circle of truth. That’s because we leave the law to the professionals. In Early American courts, lawyers were forbidden.  We only think we’ve advanced beyond animal. Expedience is always in the rule of law. The ink had not dried on the Constitution when expedience left only white people with rights.   The makers and keepers of the law simply will not turn lose of their hold on the people.


I’m not a quantum physicist but understand the subtle workings of the universe. I’m ahead of my time. You can read about me in astrology books. I’m an individual Intelligent Design’s increasing purpose put here to deliver a message. I’m someone taken with a grain of salt, but time waits for no man. The moment of truth is now upon us.  The time has come for another quantum leap in our human destiny. We’ve delayed the change, but only for a limited time. Pressure is building behind the dam. The makers and keepers of the law refuse to open the flood gates.  

The longer we wait, the worse the consequences. After the inevitable happens, comes the innovation that always accompanies disasters.  The process begins of rebuilding what we lost by refusing to look within for our answers.



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