Inside Story of the Birth of Modern Conservatism

“For those who hope to understand Fundamentalist America in the twenty-first century, a good place and time to start would be Kanawha County, West Virginia, 1974... The fight in Kanawha County, as argued by both protesters and historians, can correctly be seen as the birthplace, or at least the midwife, of an emerging populist conservative movement... Thanks to the energetic activist Karl Priest, we now also have an account of the controversy written from a prominent member of the movement itself.” DR. ADAM LAATS (Assistant Professor and Director of the Center for the Teaching of American History at Binghamton University) Dr. Laats states, "I’m no fundamentalist. I have no desire to promote fundamentalism or to crow about its importance." and "I consider myself an evolutionist, because I’m convinced when mainstream scientists tell me they are convinced."  Read the rest at

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