Imperial President a "Dictator"


One week ago today, I received a handwritten letter from my primary care physician stating that due to the Obamacare law she could no long administer to many of her patients including myself.  She apologized in the letter saying she was desperately hoping she could find a legal way to retain her patients. In all likelihood she and her husband (who is a physician also) will soon be closing their doors. 

She’s in the prime of her life and her passion is caring for her patients – she has always been on call 24/7 and never ever turned Medicare patients away.  After reading her letter, I wondered how many primary care physicians, surgeons or specialist will end up closing their doors if Obamacare isn’t repealed?

Then as I was listening to Bill de Blasio NY city’s new mayor rambling on about “income equality” and listening  to  Anna Galland executive director of Civil Action on C-Span's Washington Journal program discussing “income equality”   

I realized that the Obama Administration, Democrats and Liberals had their political platform in tact ready to roll out in 2014. Just keep these words in mind – weaken the troops by distracting and dividing. 

All of this merely confirms that Obama is following the Cloward - Piven plan to a “T.”  In the next three years the population of “have nots” is about to explode giving Obama the power to take over our Country via big Government.   In three years, if Obama is allowed to continue his destructive “redistribution” scheme now referred to as “income equality” the “have nots” will far out - number the “haves.”

The biggest red flags are Obamacare, minimum wage changes, immigration changes, IRS controlling our healthcare, weakening our Military and Common Core.  All of the above will trickle down creating a dependency on our Government, which by no means is safe for our Nation or Americans.   

Our Nation is going to “pot” in a hand basket – we the people have lost our voice, our Government, and our freedom and rights are being attacked daily.  Needless to say I’m not a happy camper and would love to stand toe to toe with Obama at the White House and have a serious discussion about the way he is intentionally and with malice destroying the greatest Nation in the World.,

First I would refresh his memory and go back to the day January 20th 2009 when he and Biden took their oath before taking office.  I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Obviously he’s not qualified to serve as President of the United States of America because he hasn’t preserve, protected or defended the Constitution of the United States. It doesn’t take the Supreme Court Justices to confirm that I am correct – his actions are the proof of the pudding.

It’s not the President’s legal right to write or change laws it is his job to enforce laws as written –but we have a President who writes laws, changes laws, bi passes laws and our Constitution as he pleases.  We are governed by an Imperial President acting like a dictator. 

Americans must take a stand, if we have to shut the doors up on the White House and remove the baggage, then so be it.  The Liberals, Socialist and Communists have patiently planned for years for the day that the greatest Nation in the World is brought to her knees and turned into a Social Welfare State controlled entirely by big Government. 

It’s now just a matter of time until we the people are owned lock, stock and barrel by the Government.  If you think I’ve just presented a conspiracy theory just watch what happens as Obama, the Democrats and Liberals roll out “income equality” (Redistribution) scam in 2014.

Every day our Nation is getting poorer, weaker due to our foreign policies, extreme cuts in our nuclear powers, our Military along with the Common Core and the Entitlement society.  Time isn’t on our side and it’s foolish to think that if we’re fortunate enough to place Republicans in control of the House and Senate we can recover – a large majority of the Old Republican Establishment still are in control and they’re not about to give up their comfy positions in order to save our Country. 

The Old Republican Establishment will do in 2016 just what they did in 2012.  They will pick a weak candidate or let’s say one that they can control to run in the next Presidential Election.  We the people will merely experience a re-run of 2008, 2012 again in 2016. 

Why do you think that Boehner keeps waving his white flag and knuckling under the Obama Administration?  He’s owned and controlled by corrupt politicians on both sides and not man enough to fight for our Nation, Constitution and American’s freedom and rights.  He’s not just a “wimp” he’s the Republican Poster Child. 

As Always,

Little Tboca

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