Impeachment: Pelosi’s Kobayashi Maru

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And so, the articles of impeachment produced by the House after weeks of star-chamber auditions of various witnesses who witnessed nothing, after weeks of public hearings featuring a parade of opinion witnesses, 2nd and 3rd hand hear say witnesses, and witnesses who put forth no facts other than that they never witnessed President Trump break any laws, have been delivered to the Senate.

Make no mistake, it wasn’t a rush to judgement by the liberals in the House. They predetermined President Trump’s guilt on November 9th, 2016. What impeachment was, was a 3 year search for a crime that came up empty, and the articles of impeachment were to prevent something that Trump might do in the future, not in response to anything he’s already done.

The mainstream media echoed the talking points of congressional liberals who said Trump must be removed from office before he violates the Constitution, or engages in some future high crime or misdemeanor.


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  • they always were going to impeach this pres.

    no other reason but hate.  

    her own party was turning on her to give the articles to the senate where she thought she could make them do as she demanded.  she has no power there.  

    who knows what murkowski, collins or mittens will do but i pray the rest just acquit. 

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