Impeach Obama Now

Obama has broken his oath of office, defiled our Constitution, committed treason and the list goes on and no action has been taken. The closer he gets to losing his power the more dangerous he will become. I'm truly afraid of what he is going to do especially after his executive order he released 3-July-2016 hoping no one would pay attention. This gave him power far beyond that of any other President. He could declare Marshall Law to avoid the term limits. He is purposely causing a division of race and inciting violence. He refuses to call a terrorist a terrorist by refusing to acknowledge that ISIS and Radical Islam are true terrorists. Something has to be done before he can destroy what's left of the Great Nation we so love. Besides all that he shouldn't get to keep taking tax payer money in the form of a pension and secret service protection for the rest of his life. He should be charged with his crimes, but if that can't happen for some unimaginable reason then the least we can do is make sure he has no more access to our government and it's secrets, and does not get the honor of remaining a former President of this great nation. The fact that he broke his sacred Oath of Office too many times to count is enough for impeachment by itself and that is just one of hundreds maybe thousands of other impeachable offenses and crimes. The fact he purchased a house close to the White House says he's not going anywhere and with all the testimony of ex-secret service agents I have no idea how he is still in office and not prison. Please lets act and make sure he doesn't get to continue leaching of tax payer money for the rest of his life. I know one thing for sure, we true Americans love our Constitution and the United States of America and as Mr. Obama said himself on an open microphone he thinks Americans are stupid and should just obey him. That is not someone worthy of being a former President of our great free nation under God. Please join me in one last push to try to remove him from office if not before the election then at least after it. He can still be imprached after his presidency is over, but I sincerely pray that it can be done before. He can not be allowed to Pardon all the people we know he's going to and do all the damage he can before leaving the office. Mr. Obama has lied, betrayed and stole from America and it's great people far to long! Now it's America's time to show Mr. Obama and his chronies that nobody is above the law! That his tyrannical reign has failed and is over! That America will no longer be subjected to his illegal unconstitutional ways, his disrespectful hate mongering, his false rhetoric and above all his complete blatant disregard for our Constitution that has made, and will continue to make our America the Greatest nation in the world! God Bless the United States of America and all its American citizens and legal Immigrants. Together we can impeach and remove Mr. Obama from our White House and God willing put him in the "Big House" where he belongs!
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  • It seems as though their dc dictator in cheef is getting away with everything,,,,,,,,,so far. How much more can we take before it all explodes?

  • Fot the first time in my life I find myself afraid of whats going to happen to the country, Constitution and Bible I live by.
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