Immigration "REFORM"

I have finally reached my tolerance level for the crap the liberals are spouting about the Dream Act. IT IS NOT ABOUT KIDS! Thirty-five year olds and criminals are NOT KIDS! This is nothing more than the Democrats trying to build a voter base that is beholden to them in time for the 2012 election cycle. END OF LESSON!

Now is definitely the time to let every congressperson and senator type person know beyond a shadow of doubt that if they support the Dream Act they are out of a job the next time they stand for election.

I read one article with a photo. The photo showed a Hispanic lady holding a sign that read: " Borders are lines drawn by Imperialist Racists!" BS! Borders are internationally recognized territorial limits. They are not lines on a map. They are as real as a brick wall. Crossing them without an invitation should be grounds for expulsion ... immediately, no review, no delays while we discuss the merits of their presence. Repeat offenders should be escalated to a felony status and imprisoned or better yet given forced, supervised, community service (chain gangs without the chains). Since our prisons are already 30-35 percent illegal population, imprisonment is no deterrent. Let them clean up highways or national parks. Let them work on government projects. Then when their sentence is fulfilled, expel them ... immediately.

Those on the side of the illegals who call for civil disobedience should also be charged as political subversives. They too should face criminal penalties. They are in fact inciting to riot. This is still a crime in most states. Enforce the damn laws.

And finally, it is far past time to revisit H.R. 1940, the "Birthright Citizenship Act of 2007". Let's put to rest the question of babies born to illegal immigrant parents. Actually, the Constitution itself makes the case. Children must be born in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction of the United States before they can claim birthright citizenship. International law assumes the baby to be a citizen of the same country as the parents. If one or both parents are not citizens and hence not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, the child has no birthright claim. Period.

Let's get our heads out of the sand and stop the economic blood loss that illegal immigration represents. And please don't assault my intelligence with the old BS about the illegals contributing more that they take. I don't buy it for one millisecond. They are by definition, criminals. Treat them as such.
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  • Dream Act? How about Nightmare Scenario?

    It seems funny, well odd anyway, that no body seems to recall that there was a huge, and quite controversial at the time, Immigration Reform in 1986. The Undocumented Foreign Nationals( I REFUSE TO REFER TO THEM AS IMMIGRANTS IN ANY MANNER WHENEVER AVOIDABLE ) who were then illegally living an working inside the United States were granted amnesty if they met certain, very minimal prerequisites.

    In return, there was to be a significant strengthening of our border controls and a concerted effort to prevent new Undocumented Foreign Nationals from sneaking into our Country illegally or being employable, or able to reside here comfortably, if they were to do so.

    Well, the Undocumented Foreign Nationals, about three or four Million of them when there were only supposed to be about two Million, got their U.S. Citizenship, but nothing much seems to have ever been done to stem the cause of the problem.

    Now the claim is that there about twelve to twenty Million Undocumented Foreign Nationals that have managed to invade our Nation. If that is comparable to the 1986 estimate, could we actually be looking at more like twenty to thirty Million Undocumented Foreign Nationals living and working illegally inside the United States, OR MORE?

    This Dream Act is not a dream but much more like a Nightmare.

    Let us insist first that the Law(makers?) who want this type of legislation first spend the next twenty or thirty years living up to the enforcement portion of the bargain that was agreed to in 1986.

    The undocumented Foreign Nationals who were living and working illegally within the United States have already gotten their part of the comprehensive reform, Amnesty in 1986.

    Now, it is time for the Citizens of The United States to be provided with the other half of the bargain, Enforcement of our Immigration Laws and expulsion of the Undocumented Foreign INVADERS.

    We have an unemployment problem here in the United States. There are about 15 Million U.S. Citizens who want, but cannot find, work. What would happen if the Undocumented Foreign Nationals now living and working illegally inside the United States were to suddenly become unemployable? Would that not open up several million jobs for U.S. Citizens who want and DESERVE them?

    What would that do for our economy? Several million U.S. Citizens working and paying taxes instead of living on taxpayer provided funds. Several million Undocumented Foreign Nationals no longer having access to those same taxpayer provided funds. Would that not put a major dent in the Federal Deficit? Maybe even help to reduce the National DEBT?

    Quisling was only one lawmaker in the 1930's in Holland. Look what he did. How many Quislings do we now have in similar positions here in the United States?
  • People are defiantly asleep and organizations from SEUI and all left wing orgs.are in harmony. Immigration legal or illegal is being stampeded and yes look who is in office now.
  • Additional information has come to my attention on this subject. It seems (no real surprise) that a substantial number of Hispanics, legal and illegal, are members of trade or labor unions. As such, they have a vested interest in the Dream Act. More Hispanics, more good union members. Chief among these appears to be the SEUI ( Service Employees Union Intnl). This is the same notorious group that champions "progressive" idealogy. And they have shown they are not above violence to get their due (pun intended). These folks have claimed, and rightly so, that they have been the driving force behind Harry Reid's remarkable rebirth as well as that of BaBa Boxer. If so, this is hardly a commendation for those of the conservative bent. Indeed, if true, this is a dangerous harbinger of things to come if the Dream Act is passed. There are far too many senators hovering on the fence. My own Kay Bailey is one such. I will try my best to get her attention and impress on her that this is very bad legislation. If she insists on voting for the act, I will take an active part in seeing her defeated at her next election cycle.

    We can no longer sit back and let the other guy do the work. All of us in The Party (or sympathetic to same) must get involved. We must keep up a constant barrage of faxes, e-mails, and phone calls. It must be abundantly clear to all representatives and senators that they defy the public will at their own great political peril. You can bet that the SEUI and others of their ilk, as well as Hispanic advocacy groups, are pulling out all the stops. We must be at last as militant in our dedication to the conservative and American cause.
  • Secure the borders, and stop immigration from allowing entry from countries we are at war with. Or from countries that sponsor terrorism or provide safe haven. Stop legal immigration from those that have become Americans and publicly refuse to assimilate into America ideals, and place there countries of hermitage first. Refusal to assimilate is the fast way to destroy a country. those that refuse to assimilate always use a hyphen in front of being called an America. African America as Obama says.
  • I fully agree. I think it would be cheaper in the long run to build a wall and completely close the boarder. I have no problem with people migrating to the U.S. as long as it is done the legal way but I feel we are being made fools of when we can’t control the flow of people and drugs into our country. I lived overseas for six years and traveled quite a bit. we would not be alone if we made travel into our country harder. Many countries require a visa before you even land at the airport. If you don’t have it there are harsh penalties. Americans don’t know this because they don’t travel and they are too ignorant to look into it.

    I also think that we react so negatively to Spanish speakers in America because we know there is a good chance that they are here illegally. If we knew without a shadow of a doubt that the person next to us that is speaking Spanish came here legally than I really don’t think we would be so appalled. There are other parts of the U.S. that speak a language other than English but no one seems to care. It is because those people are here legally and are U.S. citizens paying taxes like everyone else. We are a melting pot, yes, it is our tradition. But we should be able to look at the days of Elis Island and be proud of our heritage and not have to think of our growing illegal problem every time someone mentions immigration.
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