Im tired

Im very tired of all the talk. Talk, talk, talk, that's all I see being done. It's not helping.Talk about impeachment, abolish the IRS Talk is cheap. What can I do to get some action started?A $100 million dollar vacation and no whitehouse tours?Do we have to surround DC and flush them out or what. No one is doing anything other than useless talk.WE THE PEOPLE want some action starting with obama and holder gone. Then get Reid, Kerry, Clinton dumped with the rest of the trash.Abolish the IRS stop NSA snooping. stop amnesty No one is doing a thing. No one........
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  • Apropos to the miracle I mentioned--all my dreams coming true--I forget to mention this: After Robert Belloni, U.S. District Court Judge dismissed me without allowing me to be heard, U.S. Court of Appeals Circuit Judges, Goodwin, Sneed and Reinhart: "Despite the fact that the amount of taxes owed by the taxpayer may well be less than the amount the United States must expend to collect that amount, this is a case in which the excess should be expended to validate once again the legitimacy of the federal income tax."  Your government spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to cheat me out of $1,500.  How do you account for this?

  • The miracle comes to Americans from knowing your Constitution and acting.  When my life was in ruins, thanks to your government, I went to the Constitution. I found my answer in the Fifth Amendment, you know, the amendment the IRS is now hiding behind. The Fifth Amendment gives you the right to be heard in a meaningful way in a meaningful place, not that your government is going to give you that right.

    God created you with reason and logic. What you do is plot to beat the IRS at its own game. 

    The IRS is under the delusion, thanks to your inaction, that it can do no wrong.  Know that the investigation by Congress of the IRS is a charade.  We've been through this before. It is up to you to protect your God-given rights.  It is every man for himself.  Make the IRS your personal war against evil.

    You have the right to due process of law.  With government it is after me you come first.  Don't let that stop you. If you have good cause to take your grievance against the IRS to court, and it can only be in the taxes on your income--of which you are personally involved--that is essential--you take the frauds to Tax Court, nothing more. You don't need a lawyer. Believe me! It's personally empowering. The IRS relies on the fact that you are guilty unless you prove your innocence in court, which you cannot afford--they think. You can afford to take the IRS to tax court.  

    In your plot, you've made the frauds boiling mad. You don't question the IRS. They are going to do something stupid. I'm speaking from experience. They told me they knew how to deal with my kind. This was music to my ears.  My look of defiance made them all the angrier. They bit. Right away,they started violating the IRS code. They actually caused me to be locked out of my apartment--for an hour. The police brought me the new key.

    When you prove them wrong with a favorable ruling in tax court, you have them right where you want them. The stoops have you red flagged. They will be determined to make you pay dearly. They can't have taxpayers using the law to protect their rights. It doesn't work in the government's scheme of things. 

    In my case, the IRS ignored the tax court order.  Rest assured, they will do something stupid, which gives you the opportunity to do your stuff, all the time building self confidence.  They are jumping though your hoops.

    I took my case all the way to the Supreme Court. Imagine how that made the high and mighty feel. A pipsqueak  forcing the almighty United States to fight hard to cheat me out of what was rightfully mine.  Imagine how I felt. 

    After the Supreme Court looked the other way, a U.S. District Court decided to hear me. The money the IRS confiscated was returned with interest. But the IRS knows from experience that it can do no wrong. The bandits went to my bank and stripped me. 

    That was it. I took the record to the press. The IRS ate crow on the front page--told the whole world that they were lawless, not that this did any good. 

    The good it did was personal.  the IRS gave me a bigger than life calling. Think what would happen if a thousand taxpayers did the same as I. 

    Jesus said, in earth as it is in heaven....BUT, seek ye first the kingdom of God. He said the kingdom of God is in you. All my dreams came true. Was it the luck of the draw?

  • Michael,the feelings are mutual here.Why aren't we seeing some heads roll over all the corruption going on in DC? Bryan

  • The name of the game in Washington DC: How bad can you make it for your opposition; how much can you do for your constituency, the issue, self-indulgence.  To hell with noble principles.  All is fair in love and war.  The Democrats are superior strategists.  How many fall for self-indulgence, how many for self-government?

    I personally beat the superior strategists at their own game.  Do you really want to know how?  I don't think so.

  • How do I get a obamaphone? I want to trade it for a gun....
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