I think the Governer of Arizona is very brave and I think it's about time someone stated that. Yeah it's ok to learn about your own race and contributions but they refuse to let white's do the same sighting it as racism. Oh White's are evil and their heritage is bigoted and hateful to the World. It's amazing how doubled standard this nation has become. Here's their reference for White history, Slavery and K.K.K.. Like that actually represents our history as a whole. Somehow being white automatically makes you racist? Right......... I've actually read some of those ethnic studies and let me tell you, Wow the bigotry can't be found there. LOL!! America, the nation of pandering. We don't have anything racially specific like they do. BET, National Black Caucus, Black History Month, Essence, NAACP, Al Sharpton (lol)and so many more. I thought you coundl't have anything as racially specific in this country because it was racist? Well, thats only true if your white. We will lift up your race and celebrate your incredible histroy while we demonize and degrade ours. I do however believe that such things wouldn't be so bad, as long as white's had the same right to do the same. I'm not ashamed of being White. And no other race will make me feel like being White is a bad thing. Now watch everyone come out their mouth with all kinds of ugly rhetoric towards Arizona now. She's a racist!! She's Hitler!! Please, shut up and stop comparing Nazi Germany to Arizona. That's in no way a proper comparison and I feel since millions of Jews were killed and tortured, to be something very offensive and I'm wondering why no one in the Jewish community has said anything. Are millions of illegal immigrants being rounded up and sent to concentration camps? Are millions of illegal immigrants being gased and starved? Are millions of illegal immigrants being raped or even beaten? NO!! so don't you even dare compare something as horrible as that to some immigration protest. Because what they suffered was in no way the same!! You are the one's with the signs claiming to shoot more police officers. You are the one's claiming to beat white americans with shovels and axes. And you are the one's telling white americans their American flag offends you. You are the one's using racial profile to claim racist rhetoric. By saying the Governer of Arizona is a racist just because she is white!! And calling the Tea Party Racist because the do not agree with the blessed Obama, just because they are white. How hypocritcal can you get? Who's being uncivil? Really? Nah!! That double Standard your a racist because you are White B.S. isn't going to fly anymore. We know who the real racist are and we will oppose you at every step. God Bless!!
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