IF "YOU" could choose !

If you could choose the medical insurance coverage you were buying  and the cost would be based on the coverage you choose , what would you choose to have covered?

Right now your government has taken that choice away and dictates what insurance plans must cover.

Imagine a cafeteria plan where you could choose to only buy the coverage that you personally believe that you actually need, and only pay for that coverage. 

Here are a few examples

Pregnancy care /Neonatal care /premature baby care [can run a million bucks]

Mental health and addiction coverage [drunks and dopers cost big bucks]

Family planing [abortion and birth control ]

Fertility treatments 

AIDS and Sexually Transmitted diseases

End of life / Life support heroic measures. [VS a DNR living will] this is over 50% of what drives cost.

And to cut costs even more how about a high deductible plan where you pay the first 3000 bucks

Guess how much that kind of plan would cost Vs what we pay today .. 

Would you believe about 15 to 20% 

Not 20% less

80% less

The catch

Government looses control of your life and care, and the drug companies loose billions in revenue

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