I was asked why some American hate America

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  • No they don't.  If they were responsible, they would realize that it takes all types of views to form a

    worldview because your world has to be looked at from all angles. Don't blame yourself, blame them.


  • I think it is because of there are still a lot of Communist in this Country and have raised their children as Communist. Also we have let to many people in from the Arab world here. They also have been raised my many haters of America. Then we have the left progressives that believe you need to be controlled by Government. Any anyone that disagrees they hate what they stand for. This is not racist but I don't think we know anymore which of Islam people are for America and which Hates us.
  • It all makes me sick and Christimas has been ruined with all the commercialism and Balack Friday etc.....repulsive.   It is the birth of Christ tha tis the holiday...to celebrate being thankful that we have a savior fromt his horrible world.   I LOve America but I hate what Obama and crew are doing to her with no one standing up and fighting back.....it is outrageous and insane...what the heck is the matter with so many???   The military are giving in to this baboon even....that is horrific for out safety!  What is ahead will absolutely floor all the 'daydreamers that have their heads STILL in the clouds' that Obama is okay and not the most evil man that has ever sat in a chair he has no right to!!  Where are the patriots?  Where is the anger that our freedom and rights are being handed away?   That this horrible man, OBAMA is kowtowing to all of our enemies telling them they will be able to walk all over us and take America away from what was once the most powerful nation in the world!! Ruined in such a short time by a monster that TOLD US he was GOING TO do it!!!!   HOW STUPID ARE WE ????   people this man has got to be stopped by whatever it takes ...he is evil to the bone!

  • In some cases, I believe it to be self-righteous sanctimony, a way of drawing attention to what a "good and noble" person they must be to be able to diminish the contributions of their own country. Their "hatred" is taken as some indicator of how compassionate they are, how much they care about "justice."  It's not really about the country-about which they know nothing, it's all about them.

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