It's time to revolt



Seek the truth – stand by the truth – live the truth.

Our agenda is to establish a government base on the truth and our Christian principles


By: Juan Reynoso-  --

Wake-up America before is too late. Please forward this to all your friends.

We got the power to reclaim our Christian principles and values to constraint this corrupt government powers and force them to listen to us the people.


It’s time to revolt.


Fellow Christians, the time has come to question ourselves what is our purpose, what actually we live for, our ideology, what drive us to action with such a passion that make us to live for?

For to me, is to love each other and really be our brother’s keeper, to live as Christ, and to die if need be to save humanity.  In fact, Christians have being a great role model for us; if we look at history, we will find that those who have done the most for this world have been the ones who have thought more of others and do whatever needs to be done to make their lives better. Christians have founded hospitals and universities. Christians have opened shelters. Christians are reaching out to the poor and the hurting in our world with the gospel of Christ, not only preaching to them, but clothing and feeding them as well. When a crisis develops somewhere in the world, such as famine or a natural disaster, it is often the Christians who lead the way in responding with help.


The truth is that we Christians are truly divine to do God’s work and seek justice and the greatest earthly good. Today we are called to re-store our Christian principles and values in our country; Our leaders had lost their moral compass and under the pretenses of Democracy, human/civil rights, the war on terror/drugs, U.S. Security and the best interest of the country; they become the world’s bully and developed a system of corruption to oppress the people; our government took part in murdering people including Americans, they were engage in drug trafficking and distribution in our country, killing thousands, they were the main money laundry agents for the drug cartels and the suppliers of arms to Mexico and others countries that were used in the killing of thousands of innocent people including children, they were involved in the use of drones to kill people that they suspect being against their agenda, in violation of our constitution and the rule of law. They were the architects of all the trades agreements with the WTO and many others countries that demised our economy and made millions of Americans and foreign workers economy slaves. The crimes committed by our government since Donald Reagan are so many that we can write many books to tell the complete story, but every one of the presidents since Reagan demonstrated that they are sick people, sociopaths and sycophants that committee crimes against humanity their rules are “the ends justified the means”, to them nothing matters killing Americans especially those that have knowledge about their crimes, they reward the inside criminals and punished the ones that want to follow the laws; this is the culture of corruption that we are up against.

Fellow Americans, knowledge and the truth will set us free, please be informed and get ready to stand for America, our Constitution and our God given rights to freedom and self-determination. . I pray for our unity, 100% of us Christians must stand united, we must stop our own demise; our Christian community said. “No more government corruption, no more Christian persecution in the USA, No more lies. No more cover-ups. No more killings of Americans. No more spying on Americans. No more economy slavery. No more predator corporatism. No more military interventions. No more collusion. Enough is enough."





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