I Stand Beside Brother Rush!

4063467300?profile=originalShowing himself to be a class act, Rush Limbaugh apologized to Ms Fluke. Rush further explained that his apology was not the result of losing sponsors. Rush said he turns down millions of dollars in sponsors each years. Rush said he apologized because he realized he had taken his sarcasm, to prove a point, a bit too far.

Folks, when I was a little boy, I said I wanted to grow up to be a man. What was my image of a man? My dad and Sheriff Andy Taylor of Mayberry. Both men seemed to always try to do the right thing regardless of the consequences or people's opinions.

It frustrates me that whenever a conservative says the wrong thing or makes a mistake, conservatives run for the tall grass to distance themselves from our colleague caught in the media's crosshairs.

Well, I “ain't” doing that! Unapologetic, I love brother Rush!

I am not going to waste your time, stating the obvious about the media's hypocrisy regarding defending women. We all know they never defend conservative women, when viciously attacked.

I thought, “Oh my gosh, what if the left finally succeeded in getting the FCC to kick Rush off of the air? What would we do?” But then a truth I have learned over the years, gave me peace. As much as I appreciate Rush's efforts and extremely powerful influence in our tea party movement, no man is our source. God is our source.

Sadly, we lost brother Andrew. King Obama has decreed, bring me the head of Rush Limbaugh. Obama and his mainstream media machine's evil efforts will fail. Cause last time I checked, God is still in control. Hang in there patriots, we're gonna win!

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

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  • http://online.wsj.com/article_email/SB10001424052970203370604577263...

    A  very good story on the WSJ about how she initiated this controversy, "surprise, surprise".  Good, informative story...and no spurious allegations of prostitution. 

    Hey, guys, I think I've made a  mistake here. I'm a member of a couple more political sites; been in politics a long time, but this is not the group for me. So, I'm going to bow out now. Enjoy yourselves!

  • Oops ! I seem to have deleted part of my comment, please disregard.

  • Stand proud Rush! People like you , Beck and Hannity are the only ones left in this wonderful country with the balls to defend the truth, unlike most of our so-called Republican lawmakers!!I believe balls to I  hnerbelieve they are called the "elite" which is code speak for hypocrite, coward and gutless wonder[i.e. Boehner, McConnel, Cantor etc. etc.]

  • Didn't I already say I agreed with that?  Why does no one on this site understand that as wrong as she is, it is wrong to call her a slut when there is no proof that she is.  Her "sex" is not costing me a thing and neither will her pills if the right result rules. But we are just engaging in some nasty, juvenile talk to say things like this. I might have stumbled into the wrong group.


    Gail, run the numbers, others have!  Given what she is claiming, her 'sex' is costing you dearly if you are forced to pay for it.  She is a Dem operative and she's being called out on it.  Nobody is on her because of birth control...it is her outrageous claims that are in dispute.  Run a search....she's a nobody but a Dem op. 

  • "you" or "one"? I'm confused about who that was intended for.

  • Rush is all talk and no action.  Apology for calling a slut - a slut...?

    Once you said it, stand by it.  Like a man.  What you have done resembles to much of a cheap wiggling politicians like Romney.

  • Who cares what she  is using the pills for? It's her (non) right to have them that is at issue. As adults, as Conservatives with decent values,  we can discuss a political economic issue w/o calling a person a whore. There are many women who are under Federal insurance plans and State insurance plans who use contraception which is provided under their insurance.  Surely we are not calling all of them whores.  And who called her "brave"? I think she was enjoying the attention.  But a whore?  That's over the top.  I was a prosecutor for the state and I was on state health insurance and I got my bc pills through my plan...does that make me a whore?

  • I would trust Rush any day over Obama!! I believe that a rose by any other name is still a rose and the "rose" Rush was talking about is still a rose ! She is also a whining ,sniveling piece of human debris and to call her brave insults every hero that has ever been called brave!!!

  • do you feel the same about military women or military wives?

This reply was deleted.