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  • And then there was one... One left to hold high the nation's banner, its colors faded, its stars trampled upon, the ire of a lost generation ... whose ungrateful slander would desecrate the fields of our dead... our best and brightest, whose lives did bleed, that the oppressed may now eat of liberties tree.

    And then there were none... too, silence the sound of tyranny's whip and the cry of the weak now lays cold upon the field of honor... for the righteous no more take to the sword... and the voice of their fathers is heard, no more, on the tongue of a new generation. The voice of the Bagpipes no more sings its mournful dirge in memory of our nation's fallen.

    Now stands an empty field... where, once a grateful nation paid tribute to its departed sentinels...where once the garlands of the brave adorned the headstones of a nation's finest and brightest... where the sound of bagpipes gave voice to a grateful nation in mourning there lies contempt for the righteous dead.
  • I remember.
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