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“We’re just here to have a look around…Uh, you don’t lawfully own a gun or anything, do you?”

Sound crazy? You obviously don’t live in Massachusetts.

Swampscott, MA Selectman Barry Greenfield introduced an enforcement discussion Wednesday that he hopes will lead to the safeguarding of guns in town — keeping them out of the hands of children.

In school shootings around the country, guns have been taken from parents and used by kids, he said.

The selectman said state law requires Massachusetts gun owners to keep their firearms locked away or rendered inoperable.

The problem, he said, is that police do not have the authority, granted by a local ordinance, to enforce the law and inspect the safeguarding of guns at the homes of the 600 registered gun owners in town.

The selectman said he has spoken with Swampscott Police Chief Ron Madigan about this.

“We need the ability to enforce the state law,” the selectman said.

If this incredibly bad goose-stepping attack on gun ownership sounds familiar, it should. The state of Washington considered it earlier this year. Then some lawyer read this thing called the Constitution and it went away.

But we’ve never been big on that whole “Bill of Rights” thing here in Kennedy Country. And so the town of Swampscott is going to decide whether or not to send the local cops door-to-door to visit lawful gun owners and, you know, just have a look around.

What could possibly go wrong?

gun confiscation


Am I exaggerating? A year ago if I’d warned about cops being sent to gun owners homes to “inspect” them, you’d have said that was exaggeration.  Five years ago if  I’d said Massachusetts towns would make it illegal to smoke outside you would have said the same.

By the way, nobody should be surprised that this attempt to intimidate gun owners is happening in Swampscott. It’s a town notorious for treating citizens like servants to be ordered around.

I’d just remind Selectman Greenfield that these things don’t always work out well for anti-gun extremists, even in Massachusetts. Just ask former Westford selectman Robert Jeffries.

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  • Do we see why Liberals are anti-gun and against our rights in many areas, I mean the real reasons? It is in video on Political Correctness. Those that support the Liberal agenda, we should all note, do not support honor or individual responsibility. If they did they would have to allow individuals their rights instead of grant the rights to a community or Federal Government! We all that are in the know realize that when government supports excuses and claims we are all responsible for some others actions, it has to mean more and more control. Gun shootings are caused by the Liberal agenda and we note the Liberal media will not touch those facts!

  • Breaking storehouse is breaking into an unoccupied or vacant building. It was the least of the B&E crimes. The same thing happened to a gun dealer here in Maryland and he took it to court but the new law stood. Google Maryland State Police vs. Anthony McClean. Maryland changed these convictions just so more people would not qualify to own a gun. There is no statue of limitations either. Your guilty forever unless you get a pardon.

  • As far as passing any kind of new law- they first better read the 2nd Amendment and the Bill of Rights. Because as far as I'm concerned, if they conflict with either the 2nd Amendment or Bill of Rights, any new law is considered Null and Void.  And The Citizen's of this Great Nation need to Stand up to the Govt. gun bashing bullies.  This is our Land,  Not the Feds.  Trespasser's Are Not Welcome.

  • That is disturbing Steve. However I am unfamiliar with the term "Breaking Storehouse" is that a violent crime? Furthermore I have never heard of a misdemeanor that carried any kind of a jail sentence, but then I'm from Kansas and I am not at all familiar with New England's law or lack thereof as it is one of the most left leaning parts of this great nation.

  • I was denied the purchase of a handgun because of a crime I committed when I was 20 yrs. old. Breaking storehouse was the charge. At that time in the 80's the crime was a misdemeanor that carried a maximum sentence of 6 mos. Maryland change the maximum sentence of that crime along with several others to 3 yrs. so that they now are "disqualifying" crimes in which you can not own a regulated firearm. About 2 weeks after I was denied 2 Maryland marshals showed up a my house to see if I owned any guns or had any guns in my house. This is the reality of what the government is starting to do. One by one they will pass new laws and eventually nobody will be able to own a firearm. I am currently seeking a pardon for the crime but unfortunately our Governor is Martin Omally who is an anti-gun democrat.

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