I'm a 2 time Vet, So here's my Take.

   Thinking back on the leadership, or lack thereof, in this country since WWI I finally get it.
(No disrespect for any True Americans that have served or still serve this country)
The self righteous Cowards at the top(politicians) have cost American and others their lives by the actions and non actions they afflicted on everyone.
F.D.R cowed to socialist and isolationist liberals until the world was almost lost to the demonically inspired Nazis.
We signed a "Truce" in Korea and ran with our tails between our legs that resulted in the embarrassment we have this day, couldn't send enough troops or weapons to do the job.= We Lost.
Vietnam, No Truce even. Couldn't send enough troops or weapons to do the job, ran with our tails between our legs giving the commies the whole of southeast Asia to destroy.. = We Lost
Invaded Iraq, couldn't send enough troops or weapons to do the job.= We are still losing.
Now we too have a Socialist President, arming the Muslim terrorist in the world that pray daily that we all die. Threatening and spying on all Americans, sign up for socialist medicine or be Fined and Die.= We lose!
I thank God that I have put my trust in a "Kingdom" not of this world.
Thank you my Lord and King. Jesus. Amen.

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  • M. Fox wasn't alive in America to have made a wartime pre-1975 movie in opposition to the failed Vietnam fiasco, that I gladly joined into to defend American political responsibilities and interest. To even try and make excuses for the blatant losses in every attempt at war since 1949 is just not being in line with the Facts.Seeing the state of our now 3rd rate, or less, in power globally is a shame to every Real American that has ever sacrificed even a fraction of their lives for the criminals now in power here. No excuses. Since the U.S. has turned her back on God the rapidity of decline has increased exponentially ever since.The biggest sign of the times that I remember from the early 70s of Americas decline was a PBS special play/movie about a black Vietnam vet going through terrible battles and coming home only to escape this real life by sticking his head in an oven to kill himself. Exactly what the politicians and people have been doing ever since. God has removed His hand of protection from a country founded totally on Christian principles because We have turned our backs on God. From all that has been written in the Bible, if God doesn't soon bring fire from heaven to destroy America (unless we repent en-mass) He will owe Sodom and Gomorrah an apology. This is Real truth from a Real Christian and American.
  • Thank you Mark for your service. Yes we backed off in Korea and did that same thing in Nam. I was in 65-67 and saw the protests and fools in the streets. But Hollywood  can take a big bite of the blame. In the 60's we remember John Wayne made the movie, "The Green Beret."  What followed was 4 movies against America and our service personnel. One starred Michael J Fox. All were basically lies or about spot incidences that may of may not have occurred. It was always said by many that we won the battles but lost the wars! We really lost in America and the public bought the lies as many are today by those same Marxist supporters! God bless, Brother Virgil

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