I have just about had it with ABC,NBC,CBS, MSNBC and CNN and here we go with gun control again. It does not take a genius to figure out what is happening to our children
We let them run this country.
We let BLM burn, rob and destroy.
We let ANTIFA burn rob and destroy.
We let professors teach to hate cops and anyone with authority.
Demorats teach them that all things should be free.
Being white is a crime.
Blacks kill and rob because they are poor and we need to give them more free stuff.
Illegals are given things that our Natural Born US Citizens do not get.
Our teachers are feeding our young children a bunch of lies about what is right from wrong.
You can not spank your children without worrying about being reported to CPS.
You pay them for acting good.
Everyone is a winner.
It is okay to change genders. You can be a boy one day and then be a girl the next.
You can have boys go into girls restrooms.
We are destroying our history.

Now Fox News you just do not get it either.
Our government has created all of this and they need to do something about it.

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  •           THEIR ALL TRASH !!!!!!!  LIERS !! LIERS !!

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