I read some the posts but wonder what actions we are taking and maybe more what are our short term objectives?  North Carolina used was a solid red state now there are sections that turning blue.  Roy Cooper won the elcetion by a wide margin but republicans won at all levels.  How is this possible?  Just wondering what are we doing?


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  • Mike, today I received another threat. How can I expose our members to such hostile actions in good conscience? I can't. Every Patriot must determine their level of risk and stay within it. If we were thugs then we can go 'Balls To The Walls' but our ranks are filled with families, Grandparents and single moms. Therefore, under the radar and gorilla politics is our best strategy. OBTW - this is how we won the Revolutionary War. General Washington and the Continental Army were the wedge in the Keil and Kessel action.
  • You are right Steve, the democrat antifa, and blm goes after anybody who is a republican, and tries to destroy them.
  • Thank you for your interest. What we are doing is at the grass-roots level of personal involvement in elections. However, at the national level T. Party & T. Party Pac are sending over 1.5 billion emails per month, which include petitions, letters and demands to Congress. Instead of marching in Washington where our members become targets for attack and our BOD receive death threats and personal attacks on themselves and family we operate off the front line news and support with strategic methods. In 2016 we delivered over 8.3 million vote for Donald Trump. In 2020 election we delivered over 11.9 million votes and supported many candidates with votes and independent expenditures. What you can do is organize a local group and work with your local candidate, then share your experiences here.
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