I went to the .99 cent store the other day and purchased a lot of pink toilet brush's. (cost me about $15.00) today I am mailing one to each member of the "Gang of 8" with a note that reads something like this:

                             "Here is a brush, clean up Washington."

The problem is I have a few brush's leftover, who shall I mail the rest to?

Shall I go back and buy more? Should they only be in pink?

                                 Need everyone's advise! HELP!

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  • Chester- better yet send a used toilet full of sh*t, maybe they will get the point!!!

  • Several comments:

    I have asked Terri if this can become a forum. It will be easier to discuss that way.

    There is NOTHING sick about this: It is in the mainstream of effective politics and if we can get tens of thousands of toilet brushes to Congress WITH MESSAGES it will help.

    I wouldn't waste a brush on Ofraud or any of his people because guess what: They Don't Care. Congress DOES care -- they want votes and they hate being treated with contempt. So make them cringe by telling them what they're qualified for if they won't do the job we pay them for.

    You can find the address of any Congressman by Googling "Contact Senator Kaine" or whatever his name is. Googling stuff like "contact my congressmen" will find you sites that accept your address or zip code and spit out the names of all three of your own people and their contact addresses.

    FOR EXTRA EFFECT you can send an email using the contact web form saying "Since you can't seem to figure out how to close our border and send the illegals home, I'm sending you separately a toilet brush to use in a job you're qualified for." Then use a similar message inside the package with the brush when you mail it.

    I would ALWAYS include an action item. When you show contempt for an official, you want him to know exactly why/what he should have done. When you just shake your fist at him at best you'll discourage him and at worst he just figures you're a crank.

    The dumbest slogan I ever heard is "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more." Mad at WHAT? WHAT should be done instead? WHO should do it? Holding officials feet to the fire isn't because you like blisters, it's because you want ACTION. So you have to tell them what action.

    I think the brushes for the Gang of 8 is an excellent idea. I'm also going to send to the gun control kiddies. Hope my Dollar Store and Wal-Mart have enough!
  • You people are SICK! I love it!

    I going shopping tomorrow and buy a bunch of new toilet brush's and mail one to each of the Gang of 8 and maybe a couple more. I love this idea!

    Hey Bob. My brush's are as fancy as yours, do you sleep with them?

  • Absolutely send one to Senator Mary Landrieu!!! (D- LA)


    I am deeply touched by your giving spirit! You have motivated me to join in. I'm sending my toilet brush to Washington as well. (of course it will be a new and clean one! I only want them to have the best!)


  • Send one each to the Democratic leader of the Assembly and Senate of the State of California.  This week the Democrat controlled Assembly passse AB1266 which allows a child who determines he/she is not the sex they were born and thus is eligible to participate in what ever sports team they feel is thier sex of the week.  Not satisfied providing this oppertunituy the bill also make use of the apprpriat facilities to the idividual he/she believes they are that week.  So if this passes out of the State Senate and Moonbeam signs it we'll have boys using the girs rooom and lockerroom and girls using the boys, but only if they feel like it that week.   AAAARRRRRGGG!  

  • You know, I think this is a brilliant idea. Bleeping brilliant.

    NO USED BRUSHES. Mailing anything that could be considered dangerous to a federal officer is a crime and you don't know that they're all going to be nice about this. Buy new, the cheapest you can get -- this is CONGRESS, right? THEY don't care enough so why send the very best?

    Include a clear message connecting the brush to what you want or Congressional incompetence:

    "Use this to clean up your filthy 'immigration reform' bill -- NO AMNESTY FOR ILLEGALS."

    "Obamacare is starting to smell like it needs this, please GET TO WORK, Senator."

    "Reading what's in your gun control bill, Senator Feinstein I think you need a new job; here's something to help."

    "What part of balance the damn budget is unclear Representative ...? Here's what you'll need for a job that you might be qualified for."

    My two Democrap Senators will get something like "I haven't seen you do anything else to earn your pay lately so get to work with this." (Warner and Kaine ... Mostly they just shut up and do whatever Ofraud wants.)

    Be polite, be clear, be cheap, and recruit some friends. If you have friends who are money-challenged then maybe you could donate a brush?

    Brushes, thousands of brushes, brushes EVERY DAY, until they start to get the message.
  • Don't forget to send one to Napolitano and Sebelius!

  • ......i will be more than happy to mail some of them, whats the address?

  •    Send all the rest to the Senate demonrats starting with Reid and working down , and don't forget the White House , Hell , they could use fifty .

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