I went to the .99 cent store the other day and purchased a lot of pink toilet brush's. (cost me about $15.00) today I am mailing one to each member of the "Gang of 8" with a note that reads something like this:

                             "Here is a brush, clean up Washington."

The problem is I have a few brush's leftover, who shall I mail the rest to?

Shall I go back and buy more? Should they only be in pink?

                                 Need everyone's advise! HELP!

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  • Great idea. My message "clean up Washington, or We the People will"

  • Might I suggest one to every member of congress?
  • HELLary needs one but of course what difference does it make { if hers was used } .Peelousy, Eric holder ,Ben Bernaky ,Diane Frankenstein , Jay carney, Valery Jarrett, David Asselrod,

  • O'bummer needs at least one to clean out his mouth from all the B.S. that comes out of there . heh heh

  • My recipients for the brush's would be Obama, Holder and the other MEGA-LIAR HILLARY.

  • Mrs. Pelosi needs one. She needs to clean whatever she says on TV, and in her bathroom. This old gal needs to quit drinking and pay more attention at what Obamacare is doing to all.  

  • mine is going to say, were here to clean up your shit!  so hand over your citizenship

  • obama does not understand one principle; "Service Above Self"....pardon me, I did forget and left out the entire Liberal organization.

  • Hear, hear!


    Hey Chester, that one Hellofya idea. I'm going to do the same thing! But my toilet brush is going to be used! (lol)?

    My note is going to stay: "Clean Up Your $hit!"


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