I went to the .99 cent store the other day and purchased a lot of pink toilet brush's. (cost me about $15.00) today I am mailing one to each member of the "Gang of 8" with a note that reads something like this:

                             "Here is a brush, clean up Washington."

The problem is I have a few brush's leftover, who shall I mail the rest to?

Shall I go back and buy more? Should they only be in pink?

                                 Need everyone's advise! HELP!

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  • add some soap to wash out their mouths for lying...

  • There is one more thing. We see all that Obama has done against America. The question is, do you really think that he did not think he would be removed? His whole administration is corrupt and Americans should of never voted him back in. Now we suffer. Why not tell it like it is? Put it in the faces of those who voted for him and give mercy for them because of the idiots we see on the Liberal side of media! Bill Meyer is obviously a fool. He does this to gain money and not for honor! Yet, he will attack Americans that earn money in honor! We call that Communist by any name! Earl

  • Please let all of use clean our toilets after we have our morning ritual! I am serious, let us mail them. I bet they will be intercepted as dangerous as they do not want the truth with this  and nor does our media. He can send drugs to the inner city and kill in Mexico, then go to Mexico City and blame Americans for him sending automatics to the Drug Cartel. It seems he can do anything to America and the Liberal media ignore; tell lies; or just push it under the rug. When will you admit the media is why this Communist and anti-American is in office, no matter where he was born? 

  • Send one to the pres. tell him to learn to tell the truth.

    Send one to Michelle Obama and tell her to take a flight on it.

  • Add a couple of marbles, seems everyone in DC is a few short.

  • I have a friend that makes TP soap.....we could help support her small business and send that too. Her label says it is to be used to clean up DC! Just a rhought. She lives in Mesa, AZ

  • Toilet brush sounds like a great idea, however Washington need a fleet of septic tank trucks

  • I think this is a wonderful idea.  Why don't we all do it?  I am sure they would appreciate all the help and as much SHIT as Washington puts out I know they would be grateful.  I wonder if we could get a million or two brushes there preferably on the same day.  That would tie up everything for a while.

  • I've heard of some wacked out stuff in my life as the Ning creator but this one takes the cake! I love it! Good job Chester!

    Rock on!


  • Good one, I likey.

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