I am an American Patriot..........

I am a simple woman.  A DAUGHTER OF AMERICAN BLOOD, a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend, but most of all I am a PATRIOT.  I am also a Daughter of our Heavenly Father.  I KNOW that when my time to leave this earth comes, it's all good.  I have my reservations made & all is in order.

By "Social standards", my family falls close to the poverty level.  Hummm....that's funny because although we are a SINGLE income family,  we manage to own a home, a nice vehicle for work, we carry insurance on our vehicles & home, pay our taxes put food on the table & clothes on our backs W/OUT an EBT card & all of the other "freebies" from the government.  I am the CFO of the home.  I know exactly how much money is coming in to the home & how much is going out. I have a budget that I go by.  I make sure that when a certain bill comes due, say house payment, electric bill, car payment, etc THERE ARE FUNDS IN THE COFFERS to pay those bills.  We do NOT go out to eat except on a rare occasion to McDonalds or somewhere like that. There are needs that we do without, simply b/c the money is not available.  YET, for the most part, our family lacks NOTHING. 

I am not making this post to garner sympathy from anyone! NOR, am I bashing the 2 income families.  This is what makes AMERICA the greatest nation in the world!  We are afforded CHOICES! 

I have joined this group & I am making this post because if my family can live on what is considered a "poverty level" budget & still have all that we have, millions of people who have leeched from society all their lives can do the same. 

It's like a message that I read once, "If you want an I-phone, GET A JOB.  If you want a flat screen TV, an X-Box, or any other game console, GET A JOB. If you want alcohol & cigarettes, GET A JOB.

The list goes on & on.  We all understand the point that the author was making.  If you want all of the "goodies" that WORKING PEOPLE have, then GET A JOB.  Welfare was meant to be a 'TEMPORARY HAND UP, not a career choice/lifestyle". 

I am beyond fed up, I am bone weary tired of dragging SOCIAL LEECHES along in life.  I AM MAD AS HELL & I AM GOING TO DO MY PART TO TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY.  I'm not sure at what point the "ADULTS" fell asleep & allowed this TAKE OVER of America by a group of FREEDOM HATING SOCIALISTS, but there is no point in pointing fingers nor looking back.  It is what it is now & the future of AMERICA lies within our grasp. 

We have two choices, (1) STAND UP & FIGHT understanding the cost or (2) Continuing to say "I can't make a difference & letting the chips fall where they may".  Either way folks, the end result is going to be either we are "bloody, tattered & FREE" or we WILL become slaves of a corrupt government.  Slaves in ways which we have never seen before.

Which path you chose will help to determine AMERICA'S FUTURE DESTINY.  As for me, I want the AMERICA that our Founding Fathers FOUGHT, BLED & DIED FOR.  Also, it is not only the Founding Fathers, what about those who have signed on the dotted line saying "I WILL DIE FOR YOU, IF NECESSARY in order to preserve out FREEDOM".  It's beyond time to STEP UP TO THE PLATE & DO YOUR PART.......

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  • You are the salt of the earth and this country. It was for people like you I signed on the dotted line and served a life time. I am glad I did!

  • You indeed are a true American patriot and I can't tell you how much I wish you every success in life, you and your family. And every member of the Tea Party feels the same. You can bet on that.

  • Excellent post !!!

  •  Not only is she a patriot but she is a proud one and that is what is lacking today. Seems so many are not taking pride in this country are turning their backs on their duty to it.

  • I like what this lady is saying. She has the numbers right. What, or When do "we the people" stand up and fight for what is rightfully ours, Given to us by GOD.  When do "we the people" say enough. I for one have had enough also. So this makes two,,,,where are the rest of you going to stand?

    Lets pick a fight and put up a great fight for our rights. We the people can 1) put companies out of business by not using their products. 2) band together and show all of them we mean business, and are not going to take this any more.  When you put a few big companies out of business then the others and Congress will fall in line. 



  • I don't know many people that live on less money than my wife and I.  We are PATRIOTS, and we would rather take a bullet than vote for a demonRAT.

  • I will stand with you anytime to defend my country from tyranny.  God Bless America again.

  • That my friends is the true American dream. But if obummer reads this, he will find a way to screw it up.

  • Let Freedom Ring!

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