I am an American Patriot..........

I am a simple woman.  A DAUGHTER OF AMERICAN BLOOD, a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend, but most of all I am a PATRIOT.  I am also a Daughter of our Heavenly Father.  I KNOW that when my time to leave this earth comes, it's all good.  I have my reservations made & all is in order.

By "Social standards", my family falls close to the poverty level.  Hummm....that's funny because although we are a SINGLE income family,  we manage to own a home, a nice vehicle for work, we carry insurance on our vehicles & home, pay our taxes put food on the table & clothes on our backs W/OUT an EBT card & all of the other "freebies" from the government.  I am the CFO of the home.  I know exactly how much money is coming in to the home & how much is going out. I have a budget that I go by.  I make sure that when a certain bill comes due, say house payment, electric bill, car payment, etc THERE ARE FUNDS IN THE COFFERS to pay those bills.  We do NOT go out to eat except on a rare occasion to McDonalds or somewhere like that. There are needs that we do without, simply b/c the money is not available.  YET, for the most part, our family lacks NOTHING. 

I am not making this post to garner sympathy from anyone! NOR, am I bashing the 2 income families.  This is what makes AMERICA the greatest nation in the world!  We are afforded CHOICES! 

I have joined this group & I am making this post because if my family can live on what is considered a "poverty level" budget & still have all that we have, millions of people who have leeched from society all their lives can do the same. 

It's like a message that I read once, "If you want an I-phone, GET A JOB.  If you want a flat screen TV, an X-Box, or any other game console, GET A JOB. If you want alcohol & cigarettes, GET A JOB.

The list goes on & on.  We all understand the point that the author was making.  If you want all of the "goodies" that WORKING PEOPLE have, then GET A JOB.  Welfare was meant to be a 'TEMPORARY HAND UP, not a career choice/lifestyle". 

I am beyond fed up, I am bone weary tired of dragging SOCIAL LEECHES along in life.  I AM MAD AS HELL & I AM GOING TO DO MY PART TO TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY.  I'm not sure at what point the "ADULTS" fell asleep & allowed this TAKE OVER of America by a group of FREEDOM HATING SOCIALISTS, but there is no point in pointing fingers nor looking back.  It is what it is now & the future of AMERICA lies within our grasp. 

We have two choices, (1) STAND UP & FIGHT understanding the cost or (2) Continuing to say "I can't make a difference & letting the chips fall where they may".  Either way folks, the end result is going to be either we are "bloody, tattered & FREE" or we WILL become slaves of a corrupt government.  Slaves in ways which we have never seen before.

Which path you chose will help to determine AMERICA'S FUTURE DESTINY.  As for me, I want the AMERICA that our Founding Fathers FOUGHT, BLED & DIED FOR.  Also, it is not only the Founding Fathers, what about those who have signed on the dotted line saying "I WILL DIE FOR YOU, IF NECESSARY in order to preserve out FREEDOM".  It's beyond time to STEP UP TO THE PLATE & DO YOUR PART.......

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  • Sande R. to me You are a Patriot! I'm new in the Tea Party this is only my second post. Ever since the start of the Tea Party I have watched, listened and read trying to educate myself of it's agenda. After the IRS targeting of the conservative groups I was convinced now was the time to join the fight.  I never thought that ViP77 comments was directed to you or any other person in a similar situation. You shouldn't take offence to her post for as I see it you have tried to do the right thing. To me that is the difference.

    Illegals are not the problem, in neck of the woods it's those Americans that refuse to work. I personally know of three and four generation, of the same family perfectly healthy, receiving on our tax dollars that they think they deserve. Now don't get me wrong if they are truly disabled and need help I'm all for it. We can not and will not survive as a Republic unless major reforms are made. 

    We The People must brake the strangle hold that the government has on us. We must not think as democrats or republicans, but as true Patriots, what is best for our COUNTRY! The democratic party and republican party along with Obama, have sold us out to the highest bidder and they work for us. George Washington didn't trust political parties why should we?

    To all my Hero's the Military Vets Thank You! So we the people don't forget if it weren't for your sacrifice I wouldn't be allowed to make this post... 

    To ViP77 excellent post.

    Sam B. Saylor    

  • ALL WE CAN DO IS STOP THE FLOW OF $'S TO THE ONES WHO DO NOT DESERVE IT, RETIRE EVEN IF IT MEANS SUFFERING BECAUSE IF WE DO NOT STOP THE FLOW OF MONEY WE WILL SUFFER WORSE.  Take all your $'s and hunker down, pay the penalities.  If u hve. to work file exempt or up your deduction claim, file for extensions (send money if u think u may owe), hunker down.  Turn to your families if they feel the same way, hunker down and all will survive.  Call out the illegals to their face, to the store clerk, illegals will b the first to riot, protect yourself.  Tell your grocery store tht. ebt'rs need their own line at the store so those who r working can get home or get back to work (lunch hour) to pay for the lazy ones.  Ca mom makes $81,000. a yr., two kids, never worked, has ole man live in making $30,000. a yr. and when u try to turn them in to the fraud div. u end up needing to turn in the fraud div.  Hunker down and survive the best u can.

  • I love seeing all the posts from merican Heroes who have served this beloved nation of ours. THIS IS ANOTHER reason that "WE THE PEOPLE" must continue to press on & fight!  Every time I read a post by someone who has GIVEN to this great land, it just encourages me to continue to fight for all our beloved nation has stood for, for over 200 yrs.

    Some people have misunderstood my post.  I am ALL FOR anyone who has need of assistance for whatever reason, getting the help that is available.  That's what it is for.  The people that I was referring to in the original post were social leeches, those who are here legally, but ESPECIALLY THE ILLEGALS.  I grow weary & angry standing in line @ the grocery store watching ILLEGALS who refuse to learn the language, paying for their purchase with an EBT card, while their "Western Union" card is neatly tucked away for use to send their cash back to their family back home. 

    I have talked to people who have gone in to apply for assistance b/c of a job lose or any other LEGITMATE reason, & they have witnessed ILLEGALS standing at the window DEMANDING assistance.  We have to spend TAX PAYER $$$'S to pay for "bi-lingual interpreters" to interpret for these people.  

    I would NEVER begrudge ANYONE who truly needed help.  I have known people who were "down on the luck" & have gone in to our stock to share what we had with them. 

    My post was sort of an introduction to "me".  It was my way of saying "Hey, I'm just an average woman, but I am willing to do WHATEVER I POSSIBLY CAN TO ASSIST IN THE FIGHT FOR OUR COUNTRY. :)  Blessing to all the Patriots out there who are willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with their fellow patriots to regain our country.


  • the thing now is Im tryin to get a loan to start a business and they will give the cash to a forigner before they will me a born citizen of this country

  • God Bless you...

  • Welcome to the Tea Party.  Many of us feel the same way.  We have had enough.  That is the question that every Tea Party candidate should ask his constituents; "Have you had enough?"   We should ask America, "Have you had enough?", because if you haven't, the Democrats and the Republican will keep shoveling it out.

  • There are over 80million takers from the little over 130 Million hard working American Patriots, and they want to add 11 million more takers. Wake up America check to see if your powders dry be ready to give them your Bullets before they take your guns away.

  • Thank You Andy and Your family for your Service to our country and for your Patriotism.

  • My PATRIOTISM became real to me after I served four years in the Marines, 19 months of that was in Vietnam. The Flag, my Flag brings a lump to my throat when i see it flying in the wind. I know what communism is and will do every thing possible to stop it in America. I know what working and paying your way feels like. My School taught me how America came to be and what sacrifices were made to keep America strong in a world of corrupt governments.  My family had people who fought in WWI, WWII and Vietnam and now in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yes i was raised to be a Patriot by Patriots and serving my country in time of combat brought that idea of Patriotism, home!   

  • I stand with you, Lady.  What next?

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