If you missed the news coverage we’re here to fill you in.

A neighborhood watch man, an adult carrying a concealed weapon, shot and killed an unarmed teenage boy and was just found not-guilty by a jury after two days of deliberations.
“I just want to say thank you to the people who believed in me, who stood by me,” [the shooter] said following the verdict.
“I still have my regrets for the [young boy’s] family; it’s still an unfortunate situation for them. I am happy that at least this chapter is over.”
As deliberations dragged on over two days and the jury asked for testimony to be read back, [the shooter] admits he didn’t know how it would all turn out.
“I was nervous of course,” he said. “You never know what direction this whole thing is going to turn, so I have no idea. But it worked out and I feel that justice (was) served today.”
[The boy’s] family members say justice wasn’t served.
They say [he] was murdered in cold blood, that he’d never been in trouble and [the shooter] acted as judge, jury and executioner.
“The message is that we can all go out and get guns and kill anybody that we feel is threatening us and lie about the fact,” said [the boy’s] father.
“My son never threatened anybody. He was a gentle child, his nature was gentle, he was a good person and he was never, ever arrested for anything, and has never been in trouble.
He was 16 years and four months old, and he was slaughtered.”
[The shooter] says he acted in self defense when he confronted [the boy]…
Perhaps you missed the story:  here are pictures of the shooter and the victim
Scott RoderickDead-White-Kid.jpg
The one on the left, in the hoodie, is Roderick Scott, the shooter.  The one on the right is the dead kid, Christopher Cervini.
I’m shocked you missed President Obama’s statement when he found out about the shooting, “If the white half of me had a son he would have looked like Christopher Cervini.”
You might have even missed the uproar surrounding the Department of Justice having their Community Relations Services group in Rochester, NY organize demonstrations of white upstate New Yorkers demanding a special prosecutor be appointed to investigate this cold blooded murder of a gentle white boy by a black man wearing a hoodie.
Actually, I’m not shocked that you missed all that news since it wasn’t really news outside of Rochester, NY. 
Here’s a summary of what happened.
Scott says he acted in self defense when he confronted Cervini and two others saying they were stealing from neighbors cars. He told them he had a gun and ordered them to freeze and wait for police.  Scott says he shot Cervini twice when the victim charged toward him yelling he was going to get Scott.
Based on what I’ve been able to find, the jury reached the correct verdict in Scott’s case just as they did in the Zimmerman trial.
I can understand how Christopher Cervini’s dad could say what he said just like I can understand how Trayvon Martin’s parents can say what they say.  It’s called “grief”.  It’s also called “denial”.
I also understand why we haven’t heard a word from President Obama, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the NAACP or anything about expanded investigations from the Department of Justice.
That is called “hypocrisy”.
How come we've never heard about this?
The moral of this story is that bad behavior results in trouble.  Instead of ranting and raving about injustice parents and all other sincere well meaning folks, regardless of color, race, religion, etc., would be better off going out of their way to teach their children and neighborhood children that bad behavior leads to lots of trouble in life.
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