Human Understanding

The 5000 Year Leap, about America, starts by bringing attention to the original occupants of Jamestown, in Virginia, who came to America with little, if anything more that people 5000 years before. America was a miracle that changed the world. No more. America as gone retrograde.

The 5th principle in The 5000 Year Leap is the understanding that nature is not happenstance; we are not here because we are here and is is not because it is, Bill Clinton. We are aware of our existence, at least conscious of ourselves. How much more we are aware of is a matter of individual choice. But under normal circumstances we grow to the point that we can cope on our own. These are not normal circumstances.

We know that we could not have come from nothing. When God told Moses to tell his people that his name was I AM THAT I AM, I take it to mean I am that I am, whatever; I have a choice. I’m made of the elements and millions of years of evolution, and now with a mind of my own, and with inalienable rights—rights that can’t be taken from me without my permission, America has been hijacked by lawless con artists. If the vote was all that counted, rape and robbery could be voted constitutional.

We humans know God when we know I AM who I choose to be and know my purpose in being is not as a pawn of the powers that be; when we know that those we grant or attribute power to are not empowered to regulate our individual lives. You know you are not manmade. How does one know he or she is doing God’s or Allah’s work? An American court of law, only yesterday, congratulated itself for delivering justice, by acquitting a Muslim terrorist of all counts except one: destroying government property. The 239 lives that are no more, including 12 Americans, were of no consequence. President Obama praised the court.

How do we know our capabilities? Making the individual personally responsible for his or her own life is the only way to know our capabilities. Collectively, we all benefit. What does redistribution do, giving government control of the fruits of our labor, ostensibly for the good of all, denying personal responsibility in the process, reducing us to animal mentality? Socialism denies human nature. America’s government is currently attempting to make man it its image. Examples are Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, Mao’s China, Castro’s Cuba, and Chavez’ Venezuela.

A mass murdering terrorist is going to prison for destroying government property, American justice praised by our authorities. How would you like to have a government guy rubbing your mother’s or wife’s private parts, not to save lives but to save government property? Government’s answer: If you don’t like it, you don’t have to fly. Don’t you wonder about your own life, wonder what kind of people these are who are in control of your life? One of those people—a one-world Marxist—a U.S. Senator, who swore to protect and defend the Constitution, only yesterday said he was for the FCC shutting down Fox News, exactly what Chavez would advocate. I’m sickened by the arrogance of the goons in control.

Like it or not, we, the people, have been reduced to government dependents—taken back in time, unnaturally, to animal mentality, back to the time when black people in America were no more than beasts of burden, only now everyone, your life is not worth a plugged nickel to the men and women in control of your life. America is in captivity. Instead of servant of the people, America’s government has become master of the people. Our work is cut out for us.

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