Thursday afternoon, the General Assembly of the United Nations voted to reward the Palestinian terrorists by granting the West Bank, Gaza, and east Jerusalem recognition as a "nonmember observer state" at the U.N. Though the vote of the General Assembly is largely symbolic, it makes a statement when 138 of 193 nations reward an invented group of people, led by "democratically-elected" terrorists whose sole aim is the destruction of another member state (Israel), with an upgrade in their status.

And what statement is that? Simply put, the world hates Israel. It can't help itself. It does so out of instinct. It hates Israel because it hates God. And God knew that would happen, that's why He offered a promise of protection for His people. He said that He would bless those who blessed His people and curse those who cursed them.

There's no other logical reason why Israel should be the pariah nation it is. It is a pro-American, Western-style, capitalist democracy. It has a deeply-rooted, Western-style respect for human rights and freedoms (unlike ANY of its Muslim neighbors). It could easily qualify for admission to the union as another U.S. state (which may be why America-haters hate it). Citizens of Israel come from every nation (more than 86 languages are spoken there), yet it is the West's most consistent friend in the region. Israel has actively extended its hand of friendship to any nation who would accept it.

Yet the universal hatred for Israel still manages to simmer to the surface. That's because it rises from spiritual roots.

Here's why. Israel stands as testimony to God's Word. He said that Israel would be restored as a nation in the last days. It was restored. He said that Jerusalem would be returned to Israel in the face of global opposition. It was returned.

Israel, by her very existence and history, is absolute and unassailable proof that the Bible is true, that these are the last days, and that the Lord Jesus Christ is coming back soon.

In view of all of this, this week I'll tell you why I think that how we treat the Jews and the Jewish nation is deadly serious business.

(Hal Lindsey Report 11/30)

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