How to Prepare for the Worst

With the news today, one could easily think what’s the use in fighting and toss in the towel. Chance favors the prepared mind. Think what you want and rely on yourself to make it happen.

The masses, we note, depend on the authorities to think for them. Why are they authorities? They think what they want and rely on themselves to make it happen. Thinking what you want requires, first, that you think there is no such thing as objective reality; that we were not created with hive mentality.

Jesus offered that you should do unto others as you would have others do unto you, the Golden Rule. You have your rights and others have their rights. The present authorities would have you submit to the good of all, or as President Obama puts it, submit to “collective salvation.”

Collective salvation is for the masses; the authorities do what is best for them, the law of nature. Obama’s idea of the law, the law he learned at Harvard, naturally, he has a problem with our Constitution, Obama learned the “old world” view of the law and then went to South Chicago as a community organizer to practice “the law.” He was Acorn’s lawyer. What more proof do you want that Obama practices the law South Chicago style, the law of might makes right?

With Obama’s exploding national debt, the law of nature will bring forth someone with the lesser of two evils answer, someone like Obama. With Obama, it is always the lesser of two evils, the evil he helped create, to practice the law of the jungle. How do you deal with it?

We now have a scientific answer for miracles. The state of mind, or conscious awareness is fundamental to the laws of nature. The microcosmic world, a world of infinite possibility, is connected with the state of mind. The more consciously aware we are, the more we, individually, are in control of our lives. When you think in terms of the Golden Rule, the Higher Law of nature under which humans were created, and with which to live, and the background of our Constitution, it all comes into play. When I read the Constitution, I realized it was voices of the past speaking to me. In my experience, you prepare for the worst and fight for your rights. Miraculously, the worst never happens.

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