How to cook 320,000,000 Frogs...

Take a very large pot - Continental sized - and place all of your Frogs in the pot. Make certain the "water" is the temperature the Frogs like.. remind them at every opportunity the "water" is not like the previous "pot" they were in...

Make certain there are "leader" Frogs in the pot who love you and are willing to do and say anything you want them to do and say (even if it's not in their own best interest). This is to calm all of the Frogs in the pot who might realize all is not well and accept this new "pot" they are in.

Make them love you, considering you their "savior" from rescuing them from the previous "pot" they were in.

Add ingredients some of the Frogs like... give them expensive cell phones, food, free rent, Internet, cars - also make sure to tell the Frogs at every opportunity; we are safer than every before, all is well, the bad guys are on the run, there is nothing to worry about - and if they like their Doctor and Medical Insurance, they can keep their Doctor and Medical insurance.

Then start to turn up the heat - slowly...

Before they know it, the temperature has sapped the strength of the Frogs and they can no longer jump out of the pot - and you can now turn the heat up to boiling temperature, providing you with 320,000,000 cooked Frogs.

Sure - it takes time to cook Frogs this way (6-7 years), but you don't want to waste any of these Frogs - you want all of them cooked to perfection!

Ask yourself what this pot is and ask yourself who the Frogs are. Identify for yourself the "leader" Frogs.

Then you might take a long hard look at what's been going on in our Nation the past 6 years and realize WE are the Frogs and treason is being committed in our Nation at the highest levels of our "government".

If Americans do not act now - soon, the "pot" will be boiling and we will be cooked.

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